Band or DJ wanted for the 2007 Blog Awards

I’m looking to get a band or else a DJ for the 2007 Irish Blog Awards which should be happening in late February or early March. After the Award show itself I’d like to keep the crowd together and prevent the mass scattering we encountered last year. For that reason I hope to keep the bar at the event open and have the band/DJ to entertain people until the wee hours.

Yes I’m willing to pay, but not too much. Think the Warlords of Pez are available and not too expensive? 🙂 Or that Orbital will reform for the event?

19 Responses to “Band or DJ wanted for the 2007 Blog Awards”

  1. Suzy says:

    Zip Zip Zip….. nah don’t think it’ll work or will it?

  2. Dick OBrien says:

    Frank McGahon is a DJ

  3. Colm says:

    Maybe we could get unsigned bands to send in demos and let bloggers pick the best one. Mulley, you can be Simon Cowell.

  4. Damien says:

    So you’re Louis? Wouldn’t that make Suzie…

  5. Suzy says:

    you going to pay for the plastic surgery for me Damien?

  6. bernard says:

    I will be speaking with the Intergalatic Superheroes, known on this planet as the warlords of pez, and i will put forth the idea.

    If you can get them lots and lots of groupies they may be interested.

  7. Keith says:

    Bernard, if you can get the Pez, I’m there!

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  9. Hi Damien

    I organise entertainment and am a long-standing member of the Dublin blog communit. I am providing poetry at a charity do on this Friday in the Westmoreland Pub at O’Connell Bridge. There will also be a DJ and drinking. Come down and check it out.


  10. Bizarre R says:


    I’m a DJ from The Netherlands and i will promote myself for you advertation…

    More info you can find at my website:


    Rick van der Putten

  11. ebby says:

    heya, I run a tiny little indie music label – basically set up by three Irish artists themselves. And any of us would love to perform to be honest. I can send you recordings or you can look around One of the artists, Anna Lee, has just released her debut EP which you can hear on the site too.

    I guess you’re probably looking for something/someone a bit better known but maybe you’ll have a support act, and I’m going to be an optimist 🙂

  12. saz says:

    Hey i run an music managment and tou and events company if you looking for entertainment chrck out our bands will keep em on the edge of there seats

    you will love it


  13. Sinead says:

    Hi Damien,

    I’m part of a music promotions company – SLAM network – and have access to a couple of great bands. Check out for CHROME HORSE an original rock band, CROWBAR BLUES with their distinctive dirty blues sound, or THE PHANTOM ENGINEERS, Irelands own Bob Dylan tribute band.

    Let me know what you think!


  14. Hello, I run a DJ agency in Carlow town, and I can tell you that we have a few talented DJ’s available for your function. We have experience with all pub,club & radio functions & have worked wiht the likes of Chris Ward, Jakub Mindler, John Gibbons & Muzzy G. We are very reasonably priced, and woul dlove to hear from you. Email me, or drop us a line on the above Bebo page, and let us know. Look forward to hearing from you, Dexter.

  15. Seen that you are looking for a dj. thought I would send you a reply.

    Thank You

    Pinky’s Interactive
    TJ & Laura Clough
    260 517-9356

  16. seamussheedy says:

    hi im in a band called strangle the dogs we are an indie / alternative group we’d love to play if youll have us you can check us out on myspace see what you think and keep in touch.
    strangle the dogs

  17. Cush says:

    What kind of music are you looking for?

  18. harry says:

    if u r interested contactme on and i might be able to help u

  19. harro says:

    hi. are you still looking for a DJ for the awards bash?
    i play indie/alternative/electronica and everything in between & have DJed in the past in the likes of Doyle’s, The Westmoreland and The Belvedere. Used to run a fortnightly indie night called PSYCHOCANDY.
    anyway, drop me a line if u like…