Fluffy links – October 25th 2006

Denise Howell announces the “This Week in Law” podcast.

Via a quick comment from Marc is news that Russell Beattie has left Yahoo. His notebook doesn’t seem to be coming back though. Shame.

Can’t believe the dog survived.

Ice Cube is back. No no, not that one. Maybe we should call him Ice cub instead.

Top Gear play Darts:

In the same vein, launching a car off an 18 storey carpark into a river:

What’s going on?

One Response to “Fluffy links – October 25th 2006”

  1. bernard says:

    TWIL’s first episode was actually very interesting. A little (obviously) US based in regards content, but very interesting none-the-less.

    A good one to listen to, IMHO.