More MCD woes – users biting back

Civil servant harassed for taking medicine to MCD rock gig.

The couple say that at the entrance to an REM concert in Balbriggan in June 2005, MCD security staff emptied McCarrick’s bag of drinks and medication on the ground and said the couple would be arrested for drug dealing.

“They said I was a dealer because my bag was full of prescription drugs,â€? said McCarrick. “They accused my fiancée of planning to inject drugs with her insulin needle. I’ve never before been harassed and embarrassed in front of other people like this.â€?

McCarrick said the security staff ignored the couple’s civil service identification cards and doctors’ letters that explained their need for medication.

3 Responses to “More MCD woes – users biting back”

  1. James says:

    I heard about this story but didn’t know that these were users. Do you know the usernames?

  2. Anon says:

    These people have a good case for libel and should talk to a lawyer

  3. Michele says:

    Nice to see the case getting publicity.