BT Ireland nabs Noel Dempsey’s Press Officer – Hah

So says the Sunday Times:

Joe Lennon isn’t the only government spin doctor deserting the ship less than nine months before the general election. Grace Cappock, Noel Dempsey’s press officer, is off to work for BT, while Robert Marshall from the Fianna Fail press office has gone to Murray Consultants. Dan Pender has already left the transport department, and Tony Cotter is gone from arts and sports. Do spin doctors see the writing on the wall?

One Response to “BT Ireland nabs Noel Dempsey’s Press Officer – Hah”

  1. David Doran says:

    Hey, just wondering where you get your different political information from? I’ve been looking through the online statues book, which makes for some interesting reading, and for a government creation it’s rather well inter-linked.
    It’s not until you look over the constitution and legislation that you realise we aren’t as free as we may presume… scary ey.