Blog Migration Day on blogday – Anyone interested?

Claire is involved with BlogDay which is on August 31st. Claire suggests:

On the 31st do a post linking to 5 new blogs with a little introduction to each one. Then leave a comment on those 5 blogs letting the authors know that you have recommended them.

I was thinking though that the Linux Geeks have their Linux install fests, I wonder could there be a Blog Migration Day? I’ve encouraged a few bloggers to get blog hosting packages with hosting companies before but I was wondering would people be interested in a day devoted to moving blogs over from blogger or blogspot to their own domain names and maybe using wordpress to blog? Buy the packages and then get training on one day. Maybe Tom could provide the training?

Now if there was only some hosting company that had some special offer of giving free training as well a doing the actual move over to the new platform as part of a blog hosting package. Naturally to make it worthwhile there’d have to be a min of 20 people signing up for an offer like that so it’d be up to the bloggers themselves to drum up business.

7 Responses to “Blog Migration Day on blogday – Anyone interested?”

  1. Anthony says:

    Reckon it’d be a good idea alright. It’s nice for bloggers to have the opportunity of standing apart with their own domain/design.

  2. Redmum says:

    I’ve been meaning to move since the blog awards but with dial-up at home I didn’t fancy the hours of futtering and corresponding phone bill. I think though its a great idea and with a deadline I might just get it sorted this time.

    I did the blogday thing last year and it was great because I sought out new blogs, most of which I still drop by regularly.

  3. Community efforts are worthwhile initiatives. Speaking from experience, WordPress is not the flavour desired of all newbies or jaded senior bloggers.

  4. Count me in. Intend to do it sometime. I have been waiting for time-starved, programmer boyfriend to do it for me. Think I am tech saavy enough that with a bit of support could pull it off myself.

  5. Michele says:

    We’ve recently made WordPress tutorials available on our site to help people get to grips with the basics:

  6. Rob says:

    Oddly enough, I was considering moving to blogger (from a self-hosted wordpress blog) once they add tags (in beta at the moment).

  7. Curly K says:

    I’m the same as Redmum, dial up at home etc. Great idea Damien would be interested but if the training was during working week wouldn’t be an option for some bloggers I’d say, despite their interest.