Anyone switched to a VoIP setup? Contact me

I’m looking for stories of people who switched to VoIP once they had broadband installed. Either getting a new number or transferring over their old landline number. Not looking for those that use Skype. Are there people out there who have done this?

7 Responses to “Anyone switched to a VoIP setup? Contact me”

  1. Tom Raftery says:

    Yup – using Blueface.

  2. Robin says:

    We attempted to go Magnet… but the experience of setting up was very very poor.

    After another months wait they now promised we could keep our number. Brill! We’ll sign up then… Engineer rings back to inform us what we were getting into, that “We’ll lose our broadband connection for up to 6 weeks in the transfer.”!!! unreal.

  3. Jack M says:

    I think the question was, “Anyone switched to a VoIP setup?”.

    Damien, yes. With mixed quality.

    Nomadicity is nice or having the option to be accessible in more than one place at once. Also, have set up some nice numbers that can be used for group calling, i.e., one number ringing on multiple terminals in order that my/our part time/charitable endeavours be manned.

    Am using a Hitachi IPCablephone (wireless), a Cisco set and a snom phone, all are high grade. Pleyed with xten-lite and the ibeam softclients, all work well too depending on the net access. Generally I have highgrade access either wireless, DSL, Cable or LAN.

    Ciao for now, JM.

  4. Jack M says:

    ….forgot to mention Irish company cicero networks do a nice range of dual mode GSM and Wireless IP phones. Might be worth looking at. Very promising labs and materials.

  5. I use a Blueface number on a DECT phone but also have a standard landline phone number to prove I live beyond the Pale.

  6. Michele says:

    We looked into it about a year or so ago and were very disappointed that there were no real options available for businesses at the time. I haven’t had the energy to look at it since

  7. Yup, everything here goes through Blueface. UK, IE and US landline calls are all bundled into the €24.99 plan, which cut about €350 off our Eircom bill.