Fluffy Overload – June 11th 2006

New blog on the block called Staróga and another resurrected called It’s a Big Shopping Centre, Haigh.

Colm wants us to yawn. I didn’t.

Phil is back writing words. Though there’s plenty of fine photos in between some text too!

Gavin Mullan was nominated for a Photobloggie. Well done fella!

Come back Steven.

A swing that laughs and laughs more and more as you go higher in the swing. Reminds me of this from some mopey git that liked Sligo:

unless Soul clap its hands and sing, and louder sing For every tatter in its mortal dress

Cute overload time. Kitty Vs Frontrow. Via Tom Coates.

Joe’s Goals Handy getting things done app.

Someone in the MS ad agency has a clue. Clever ad appealing to the Battlestar Galactica geeks.

Deadwood is coming back tonight. Last fucking season though. The Salon review rocks.

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