National Blogging Day and a big party/BBQ

Ken McGuire suggests we have a National Blogging Day in August.

And on this day, everyone – everyone – writes a piece reflecting on their previous year’s blogging – how they’ve developed themselves, made articles, favourite snippets from the year, what they enjoy about blogging etc. Nice way to chronicle the changing face of the Irish blogging community.

How about we celebrate the day by having a party/BBQ/beerathon that weekend?

5 Responses to “National Blogging Day and a big party/BBQ”

  1. Ken McGuire says:

    After you suggested the weekend I thought to myself….. damn it, I’ve a gig on that Saturday evening. If its on the Saturday I’ll be sure and try arrange some afternoon bbq time indeed! Its the bank holiday too, non?

  2. Piaras Kelly says:

    Isn’t the day being proposed the day of the Blog Awards?

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  4. Rick says:

    Jaysus…. I’ll have a nice shiny new radio show I can cover it all on! 🙂 Who wants dibs to be my interview guests(s?)


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