Aspoke laptop skins – Fweeeeee

Antoin mentions Aspoke will give you a free laptop skin for less than the price of your first born’s soul. The offer ends 1 August 2006. You can avail of these skins in two ways. Go see the movie “An Inconvenient Truth” or link to Aspoke’s offer and link to the movie website. That simple.

I don’t use a laptop but I do have a fridge and a washing machine. There’s a crowd out there in the digital world that do skins for fridges. I’d love if Antoin had skins for those or even skins for those cheap mini-fridges. Have a competition for the geeks offering a skinned mini-fridge packed with gatorade and redbull for some of the start-up companies and give them skins for their laptops too. Nice pimpage for Aspoke when these kids go all around the country/world selling their product and demoing at conferences.

Antoin, are you coming to the IT@Cork gig? Might be worth coming down now with some sexy skinned laptops.

4 Responses to “Aspoke laptop skins – Fweeeeee”

  1. Damien says:

    I do have a laptop I use for getting my photo taken as tech stories need a guy with a laptop in a photo. That’s the rule apparently. That or arms folded.

  2. click here says:


    In other news – I think you may have a broken link up there, at “skins for fridges”. It gives me (or

  3. click here says:

    (Ops – Okay that second link didn’t quite work out; I thought it might do summat funny..!)