Fluffy 05/06/06 links

Via Waxy Cory Doctorow visits a Radio Shack.

Via BoingBoing is the Mobile thong.

Fecking great photo from Ryan.

Keith Bohanna’s domain auction made €366.95 quid for IT@Cork. Nice nice nice.

Dave Winer on Web 2.0:

the web is a platform for idealism. It’s not a conversation, it’s not a business model, it’s so big it’s basically everything having to do with human knowledge and communication, at least for the forseeable future. Let them have Web 2.0â„¢, it’s not important. What is important is that the users are running the show, and if you want to get behind that, be a user, and leave it at that.

Watch your posture at the PC.

Via you Ain’t no picasso. 35 bands on 3 stages over three days. All this for $24. Fecking hell!

Eunoia – beautiful thinking.

Gatorade Raft.

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  1. adam says:

    The Doctorow thing is priceless.