When you’ve got them by the balls, their hearts and minds will follow

Google searchers make me a more responsible blogger?

The most accessed image and corresponding blog post on this site is the one about my nape piercing. The pic of my infected piercing is horrible, so be warned. I now feel strangely responsible for providing better content and information for those that come to my site for the search “nape piercing” or “nape bar” two phrases which has the nape blog post in the first few results in Google and Google Image Search.

I’ve found the same for a few other posts in the past that I did. The main example is my broadband choices post which I keep updating when new information on broadband is released. 79 comments on that post so far and I feel it is only right that if Google brings searchers this way then I have to make sure what they come here for is good quality. It’s not like I feel loyalty to prove Google’s algorithms right but my god imagine a search engine that had that kind of influence? I’m sure many other bloggers do the same because of pride in their blog and a respect for links. The more links, the more respect people are giving you or are at least stating you are worth visiting.

Imagine if every business operated that way, the more business they got the harder they worked to make sure that the existing and newer customers were happy. It seems to me that as a product becomes more famous/used many manufacturers rest on their laurels instead of addressing new issues that crop with more “gamma” testers. Instead of saying “No, you don’t use it like that” they could say “Wow, never saw it being used like that, if we tweak it like that it makes doing this unforseen action a bit easier.” Of course it could be death by 1000 cuts and there could be too much feature creep. But imagine a customer services dept. which actually ran like a research Dept. Do businesses have that with blogs? At least partially?

And the blog title is taken from “Yes, Minister”, a great show on the civil service and how life really works. They attribute the quote to a Nixon staffer. I’m not sure does it have any relevance to this blog post but I wanted to use it in on the blog.

One Response to “When you’ve got them by the balls, their hearts and minds will follow”

  1. Katie says:

    Can I suggest dabbing some hydrogen peroxide on the wounds. It can be bought at any chemist for about €2.00 a bottle and its brilliant for anything from an infected papercut to amputation wounds. OK maybe a slight exaggeration, I wouldn’t waste in on a paper cut!!