Goodbye Nape Piercing

About 13 months ago I got a nape piercing. After constant fighting with it, my body won and I decided to take it out. With overworking myself and always being run down, the piercing was getting infected every few days. It got really bad the past two weeks as you can see:
Infected piercing

So, tonight I unscrewed a ball and pulled it out from under my skin. This is what the bar looks like:

Nape bar

I guess I should really just stick to tattoos. At least they don’t get infected.

151 Responses to “Goodbye Nape Piercing”

  1. kati says:

    oh, well the best thing to do was to take it out.
    ive jsut taken my sternum piercing out, mine kept getting infected.
    but i get keloid scars so now it have two red ball shaped raised scars instead of two silver balls.