Broadband in Ireland – Coverage Map

HUGE thanks to John Handelaar for making this map.

There are about 1100 exchanges in Ireland. eircom has plans to enable around 400 plus. Eact numbers are not clear but it is believed not more than 450. They want the taxpayer to pay for all the rest to be enabled.

On the top is a map of the current situation with just under 400 exchanges enabled. Below it is the coverage map if all exchanges were enabled. Each yellow circle is where you can get broadband but even then the failure rate is 20%. 1 in 5 chance of not getting it. eircom doesn’t have plans to go much further than the first map.

broadband coverage in Ireland

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  1. James says:

    Do you have a text version of this listing the exchanges, and the upgraded exchanges?

  2. Damien says:

    Scroll down slightly:

    List of all exchanges might be classed as “commercially sensitive”.

  3. James says:

    Just checking if I missed something here – “eircom has plans to enable around 400ish.” – the top map contains all the exchanges that are currently enabled, or all the ones enabled + the some remaining ones that Eircom plan to upgrade soon?

    I’m asking because I heard that Eircom were planning to upgrade the Donoughmore exchange in July, but its included in the 400.

  4. James says:

    *but its not included in the 400 I mean to say. If Eircom have no plans to upgrade, then I’ll have to start thinking about a point to point link to Churchfield.

  5. Damien says:

    Updated post to make it clearer. Sent you a mail too.

  6. James says:

    Thanks – this needs to be in a newspaper. I’m sick of the government and Eircom patting each other on the back.

  7. […] Fascinating map and coverage stats over at Damien Mulley’s blog, detailing broadband enabled exchanges across Ireland. Sunday afternoon broadband click.     Send this post to a friend […]

  8. Matt says:

    That’s both really interesting and so very disappointing at the same time.

  9. Jerry Deasy says:

    Really interesting maps Damien. One thing about Eircom being so slow enabling the exchanges is that it gives the likes of the company that i use in West Cork (Rapid Broaband) a head start. Loads of people in my locality now use it – mostly because the Eircom option isn’t available.

  10. […] The broadband coverage map of Ireland that John Handelaar created was mentioned in the Sunday Tribune today. When you have the Minister’s office, eircom and eircom apologists complaining about it, as Bernie said, you’re doing something right. John was not credited with creating the map in the Tribune which is a shame as he did an awful lot of good work to make it work. Still, us bloggers know! Technorati Tags: blogs broadband ireland irelandoffline irish irishblogs map […]

  11. Paddy O'Reilly says:

    Great to get the general information, but I would like some specific information. I live between Hacketstown co Carlow, and Kiltegan Co Wicklow. I connect through and ordinary phone line 53.2Kbps. Is there anyway I can get a broadband service in this region? I have tried a satellite system and it is slower that the phone line even if it is always on.

  12. Duncan Healy says:

    Paddy –
    Torque have service around Hacketstown, I was waiting a good while to get connected to them! Eircom are planning to enable the local exchange in Kiltegan! (?Jan/Feb 2007)

  13. John Kristiansen says:

    Does anyone have any information if and when Eircom will enable the exchange in Redcross, Co. Wicklow? Have received very conflicting information on this. Dialup is very slow and I need broadband that supports VPN.

  14. Nikkit says:

    There are already customers connected in Redcross using, Give them a shout.

  15. Paula says:

    I am living in Roscahill, Co. Galway (on the Roscahill exchange) which is halfway between Moycullen and Oughterard. (Both the Moycullen and Oughterad exchange are enabled) I cannot get an answer from Eircom on when or if this exchange will be enabled. I am also not eligible for wireless and Satellite would cost approx 1,500 to just setup and then I’m not sure it is good enough for VOIP. Anyone any idea what options if any are left. I am hoping to work from home but can only do this if I have broadband.

  16. Mel says:


    I’m in Roscahill too and there is an attempt in place to get Eircom to activate the exchange in Roscahill. They’ve stated they will if 200 homes express an interest. Can you register your interest by sending a mail with your name and landline number to

  17. Paula says:

    Thanks Mel,

    I have already signed this 🙂
    Roscahill is on the list of exchanges that will be enabled this year. They have told me that it will be sometime after March 07. There seems to be alot of work going on there at the minute so hopefully it will be soon.

  18. Mel says:

    Paula, Hopefully will be earlier than that. Just heard that the Roscahill exchange is in the top half of the list of exchanges to be enabled and will hopefully be done in about 6 months time. Though with Eircom your date of March ’07 might be equally accurate!

  19. Catherine O'Brien says:

    I live in Clogherhead in Louth. Do you know if Eircom plans to add my village to the list….I’m just outside the 5K limit for Termonfeckin exchange and really need broadband. Is there any other way of getting it? Digiweb has plans to add wifi here in the next 6 weeks, but you say their billing is s..t so would you recommend it?

  20. michael says:

    i live in nobber in county meath and cannot find a broadband provider anywhere does anyone know what or who provives a service here as im not even in the village im between Nobber and Kilmainhamwood

  21. mike says:

    i am moving to valentia island does anybody know if it has broadband service and if so who is the provider….HELP!!!!!!!

  22. Colly says:

    I rang an Eircom rep today and she confirmed that the Frenchpark Exchange in Roscommon was to be Broadband enabled for september. If anyone has heard the same let me know.

  23. jo o'caoife says:

    i am trying to start a rural business in killucan, co wmeath and i could really do with broadband. Anyone know the story with eircom round here or if i can get a provider? I’ve gotta say having just returning home after living abroad for a few years it’s mind boggling that we put up with such useless f*****g egits ! A decent communications system is fundamental to the success of any economy.

  24. Mary says:

    I live in Cloonmore, Rosscahill, and I’m on the Knockferry exchange! Anyone know if it will be broadband enabled soon??? (Keeping fingers crossed)

  25. Joe says:

    Hi Mary,

    Moving to Cllonmore in the very near future all going well. i work in eircom so i’ll do some investigations for you. I do know that Cloonmore is on the Knockferry exchange and it’s not on the plans in the very near future but if i can get names of people interested in getting broadband i will be able to push it through for the not too distant future.

    Feel free to get back to me any time.



  26. brian says:

    Any Idea when/if eircom plan to upgrade the Hacketstown exchange, I have heard a lot of different reports but knowbody seems to know for sure.



  27. Emma says:

    Am livin just outside of Carnew Co. Wicklow and have just about got DSL connection as long as it doesn’t rain too heavy! Believe it or not I loose the line altogether due to dampness on the line, so I pay eircom for a service that is non exsistant at times. I am suituated at the top of a mountain have i got a chance at any form of broadband. Any suggestions?

  28. Sinead says:

    For Mike moving to Valentia Island.
    We got fed up asking for broadband for our existing business and decided enough was enough and we built our own network. We cover the entire Island of Valentia, Portmagee and surrounding area.

    Oue web is

    Let me know if would like additional information.
    Regards, Sinead

  29. Padhraig says:

    I am on the Rosscasle exchange. I have no faith in eircom and promises. You should check out mediasat. 480 euro set up and 12euro a month rental via satelite. I am wondering has anyone any knowlege of this company or product.

  30. Padhraig says:

    I am on the Rosscahill Galway exchange. I have no faith in eircom and promises. You should check out mediasat. 480 euro set up and 12euro a month rental via satelite. I am wondering has anyone any knowlege of this company or product.

  31. cormac o'reilly says:

    I am Living in mount nugent co. cavan and i’m wondering if
    there is any way i can recieve broadband. Eircom are not in the area. Is there an alternative????

  32. Gary O Connor says:

    Hello Can any1 tell me of any good broadband service providers or info on eircom taking the fingers out and sorting out some broadband for tullantown area or even the athboy to navan road. dont want sat broadband…. come on eircom stop taking the piss …..

  33. Paula says:

    Just off the phone from eircom and they have told me that the Rosscahill exchange will be enabled by the end of this month (end of October 2007)

  34. simon says:

    Thankyou Gary the site is good found a fue broadband providers for my area..

    Good Going 🙂

  35. Mel says:

    Have also been in touch with Eircom and the news is not all good. Depending on where you are in Roscahill you will still not be able to get broadband once the exchange is enabled. Many of the phone lines in the area are not of suitable quality. I don’t believe there is the density of housing in the area that Eircom will spend the money to upgrade the lines.

    However, there is good news. Broadband is already available in Roscahill on a Wireless network. See this link

    There is a meeting in the Roscahill community center tonight at 8:30 on this very topic. I do not yet have this service though some of my neighbours are up and running and are happy with it so i think I’ll go down that route too.

  36. Mary says:

    Thanks Joe. There are a few people here who would be interested. My next door neighbour and I are willing to go from door to door to asked if others will be interested!

  37. Kev says:

    Anyone know if eircom plan to upgrade the clonmore (near Rhode, Offaly) exchange in the near future. I’m using 3 wireless at the moment but its pretty poor.

  38. mel says:

    Eircom have enabled the exchange in Roscahill as of Tuesday 30th.

  39. Billy Gough says:

    Anyone know if any type of broadband is coming to Killucan in county Westmeath in the near future.

  40. Darren says:


    Anyone know if Eircom are planning to supply broadband to Ballinabranna Carlow.

    Suffering with Clearwire


  41. Tom says:

    Anyone know when Eircom will enable broadband in the laragh glendalough area , we have wireless but cant see the mast for the trees if you get me, Thanks.

  42. Oliver Callanan says:

    I would like to know if there is any info regarding getting broadband in templeshanbo, enniscorthy, Co Wexford

  43. Declan says:

    Hi Joe

    You said to Mary that youi were moving to Cloonmore in the very near future. Did you move and do you have any update on the knockferry exchange being enabled?

    I’m also on the knockferry exchange.

    How did you get on Mary?


  44. Mary says:

    Hi Declan! I have created a petition form and placed it in Tullokyne Stores 2 weeks ago – there is a nice few names on the list. If you’re interested, pop down there and add your name. When the list is complete I will forward to Eircom. 🙂

  45. Gary says:

    Billy Gough

    i think

    is where u are . just check

  46. Lynda Hughes says:

    Hi Damien,

    Can you advise re skype phone?

  47. Mary says:

    Hi Joe! I’m not sure do you still frequent this forum. I just want to let you know that I have some names for you. Please let me know how to get them to you, email, fax etc.



  48. Linda says:

    I’m at Tullokyne and missed the sign up sheet at Tullokyne Stores. I’d love to add my name to the list. Broadband would make such a difference to us!

  49. David says:

    I live in grangecon, co.wicklow..
    Im fed up wit eircom. they wont give any glimmer of hope as to when we can get BB
    And its not as if theres nobody around to use it!
    If thats not bad enough..about 5miles in 1 direction is the dunlavin exchange, nd 5 miles the other way is baltinglass; both are enabled!