Attention lowly bloggers: Sip from the cup of Canter wisdom

Fixer asked me to let you all know that one of the doyens of social software and open standards – Marc Canter is coming to Dublin and if you can make it you should dine with the guy on April 26th in the Market Bar. Marc is over for the Web 2.0 conference in Dublin and you should go to that too. Marc’s enthusiasm for everything is infectious and is well worth hanging around the guy and talking about everything and anything. More details from Conor O’Neill. I wish I could go but I have college exams a few days later. Oh yes, and I’ll give good odds to anyone that can party harder than Marc. Check out this podcast of Marc Canter with Tom Raftery.

And don’t worry precious, the lowly bloggers thing was just to annoy you enough to read this. 🙂 You’re not lowly you’re remarkably fantastic. Mind your ego fits through your door now.

5 Responses to “Attention lowly bloggers: Sip from the cup of Canter wisdom”

  1. Justin Mason says:

    hmm, dinner! sounds like it could be fun…

  2. Suzy says:

    lowly blogger who is not into web 2.0 or whatever but I am loving the Google Calendar link…wow the possiblities!!!

  3. Bernard says:

    tell fixer to fix his site!

  4. Fixer says:

    Hi Bernard, thanks for the concern! I’m busy with a move to LA, and have been putting off my own site until I get resituated/repatriated and figure out a new angle to shoot.

  5. bernard says:

    @Fixer ah..ok. Just thought…herm first link 403…not good.

    Good luck with the move.