Hype machine – Give the bloggers the free passes

The loud-mouthed, write about everything and anything, highly opinionated bloggers should be the ones promoters look after.

I just got another one of those Hotpress free passes for a movie emails today. Because I’m not in Dublin I never get to see the movies. I’m not up on this whole deal but I guess Hotpress gets money for promoting these movies and additionally they get goodwill from their readers for giving them free passes. The payoff for the movie promoters is to create buzz about the movie and get people talking about it as well as having an advertisment for it in Hot Press. Could they get a bigger bang for their buck with bloggers?

Why not allocate a percentage of these tickets to bloggers? People who by their nature talk and share their thoughts with others. People who are opinionated, people who might just write really good reviews if they see a movie. Reviews that will quickly be indexed by Google. The same goes for new up and coming bands who tour the world. All these early tours are there to generate hype, to create interested, to grow fanbases and to get the word out. Shouldn’t bloggers who are into music be given free tickets to gigs, bloggers such as the In Fact, Ah massif? I’d welcome opinions on music, drama and movies from a lot of the bloggers out there who I’d give more trust to than some of the folks that write “fantastic” reviews of the latest disney shite that gets released.

But what happens if someone says the movie is shit? Well that’s quality control in a manner of speaking isn’t it? Doesn’t it encourage the movie studios to make better movies? If people are genuinely into making great movies then they should be genuinely soliciting unbiased feedback. Let the bloggers be part of the Quality Assurance programme. Not that you have a choice as they’ll still give their opinions whether you bring them to a movie or a film or not. The first entity to spot this market and link up bloggers to promoters could make a nice living out of it. The big issue too should be that there is a no obligation agreement. Nobody should have to blog a review, it is up to them if they want to write one.

4 Responses to “Hype machine – Give the bloggers the free passes”

  1. Fixer says:

    forward em to me…for the next couple weeks, anyway

  2. Colm says:

    Yes, yes I agree. Free stuff for In Fact, Ah please! We’ll review a new brand of sweeping brush if necessary.

  3. Colm says:

    Hey, one second. Are you calling us loud-mouthed?

  4. Colm says:

    ‘cos you’d be damn right if you did.