Saints, scholars and messy drunks

I’ve tuned into Markham’s blog now and then during his year of the big drought and today is his last dry day. Well done Markham. As he starts on the drink again it seems that it is rememberance day tomorrow. The Irish are Drunks Rememberance day to be exact. Kind of apt that Tiernan posted this link about an automated bar. Dick O’Brien who is much younger than I imagined he was 😉 also brings up the subject of alcohol and the Irish. If you look at the blog posts about the aftermath of the Irish Blog Awards it seemed every second post had someone hungover but at least we didn’t fight or smash a glass in the face of another fellow blogger. Even the feminazis as UI calls em didn’t glass Piaras on the night. We don’t need riots tomorrow for there to be blood on the streets, all we need is the general population getting pissed.

In the comments double award winner 😉 that girl suggests:

After all the hassle last year and the riots a couple of weeks ago I wonder will we need bloggers and cams on the streets of Dublin this weekend?

I used to work in an Accident and Emergency Department when I was in college first time round. There should be a photoblogger there to witness the violence, the stupidity and the difficulty of those that drink. Car crashes, family disputes, para-suicides and alcoholic comas and all down to alcohol. Shouting and singing is the background music with blood and vomit being the carpet of choice.

Markham has a great summary of Irish society and alcohol:

Irish people rely on drink so heavily that it’s pretty difficult to break out of the cycle of getting hammered. Drinking=social life seems to be the assumption. Bucking that trend puts you out of sync with a lot of people; you start having a routine that isn’t defined by closing times or hangovers, but by when you get tired and when the sun comes up, which sounds medieval if you’re not used to it. But it’s a better way to live, I reckon.

Markham will now operate from his new blog called Metropolis Blue. Happy Patrick’s day everyone! Also check out a blog about drink called the Pour.

4 Responses to “Saints, scholars and messy drunks”

  1. that girl says:

    I may have to change my name by deed poll if you keep this up 😉

  2. Dick OBrien says:

    You never know, a bit of a mill at the Blog Awards and the Blog Awards story could have made the front page of the Times.

    Totally forgot about the whole you thought I was an aul lad thing until this post reminded me.

  3. Colm says:

    How old exactly did you think he was?

  4. Markham says:

    A block quote, no less. I’m honoured.

    I don’t know if I said it to you since, but congratulations on the Awards.

    It’s certainly given bloggers plenty to talk about, and that it made its way into the MSM so well is worth a pat on the back.

    You couldn’t be more right about the A&E thing. I learnt that from experience, turning up with kidney stones on a Friday evening only to be told I’d be waiting 3 or 4 hours to be seen, having been seen within 15 minutes the Monday previously.

    It’s a different world at the weekend in there.