Why Macs suck (part whatever)

I was going to do a Russell Beattie on Friday to boost traffic. What’s an RB? Blog about why Macs are shite and you’ll get a lot of traffic. Baiting Mac fans always generates traffic. They protect the brand so much they almost put a Jihad on you. Russell probably does it for an increase in ad revenue or maybe like me he loves winding people up. However the Sligo post generated more traffic than I have ever gotten on this site. Some 1200 page views on Friday alone and now that the Metafilter people have seen the page (thanks to Jett) my Sunday traffic has surpassed 600 page views. Sunday is normally the dead day for this site. Coolness.

So there was no need to take the piss out of the petulantati but just for fun here is the video rant about Why Macs Suck.

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4 Responses to “Why Macs suck (part whatever)”

  1. MJ says:

    I don’t mind when people do their “Why Macs suck” rants. It does bother me when they get facts wrong but then that bothers me on ANY subject. If RB doesn’t want a Mac that’s fine. Though complaining about the graphics card on the “lowest price bargain basement Mac ever” does seem to be a bit stupid. On a similarly priced PC you’d get onboard graphics which is usually bad. Uhhhh…..except for the onboard graphics in the new mini which, uh,…..rock?

    I think he was aiming for hits and pretending to be stupid?
    But then he’s switching back to Windows so we know the answer to that 😉

  2. EWI says:

    So there was no need to take the piss out of the petulantati but just for fun here is the video rant about Why Macs Suck.

    Jesus, Mulley, have you nothing better to do with your time other than indulging in
    Mac-envy? Get a life!

  3. Mark says:

    You were about as accurate as Dvorak with your last one so you probably do have a future as a PC pundit.

  4. EWI says:

    Speakin’a’which, I sw this t’day:

    New Apple Product Doomed To Failure.

    Apple announced a new product today, which analysts and Mac followers have already judged to be doomed to failure.

    “This new Apple product is seriously deficient,� wrote Tristan Fisk of Mac-A-Licious in the web site’s wrap-up of today’s announcements.

    “It lacks several key features that our reporting indicated it would have, and is not as feature-full as competing products from other vendors. Apple has missed the boat on this product. It will never sell.

    “And, of course, it’s priced too high.�

    This phenomenon – currently being played yet again out on web sites throughout the Mac community – has been applied to numerous Apple products since the failure of the Power Macintosh, such as the original iBook, the iPod, the 2002 iMac, the iPod mini, the iMac G5, the original Mac mini, the iPod nano and the video iPod.

    “Logicians call this ‘Dvorak’s Razor’,� said the New York Times’ David Pogue.

    Also know as Apple Cubism, Pogue said the maxim states that the simplest explanation for any new Apple product is that it will fail.

    “It’s also called ‘Lazy Apple Pundit’s Disease’,� Pogue said.

    Despite the volume of electronic ink spent upon the subject, it was uncertain if these Apple nay-sayers were talking about the iPod Hi-Fi or the Intel-based Mac mini.

    “Actually, I’m not even sure myself,� said Wayne Hesten of Macs-Ahoy, who wrote an entire column on the subject of the certain doom the latest Apple product faced.
    “Does it matter?�