Aine Chambers is a legend – Sligo’s Dame of Tourism

Aine Chambers guides you around the sights and scenery of Sligo via her Sligo Tourism website.

Aine Chambers

Check out her video guides to Sligo.

Lissadel beach and a special Christmas message are some of the more fun ones.

I’m now hearing rumours that these vids will be on Podge and Rodge soon. Let’s make her number one in Google for the search phrase “Sligo”. Link to her site with the phrase Sligo Tourism.

Ambrand has linked to Swimwear with the Irish Tricolour. Cringetastic!

EDIT: Hello MetaFilter readers

45 Responses to “Aine Chambers is a legend – Sligo’s Dame of Tourism”

  1. Cahony says:

    No! You’ll googlewash us to oblivion!

  2. […] Thanks to Damien for lightening my day with that one! […]

  3. PMC says:

    holy f#ck, that is hilarious…is she for real. The Lisadell clip really did it for me, the way she flicks her hair…raaaar. If only all the women in slgio were as hot as Aine.

  4. […] Oh internet, you are so wise, and so varied. Webland holds so many treasures and wonders. And thanks to Damien we’ve found this fantastic collection of clips all about Sligo, bet Sligo Tourism are happy. Technorati Tags: Sligo, webland wonders Permalink TrackBack […]

  5. ryan says:

    I honestly don’t know if I should laugh or cry… For the moment, I’ll take cry. I’ll have to seriously re-evaluate ever going back to Sligo lest I bump into this woman. Actually, I’ll have to show the video to the missus. Being from Sligo, she might just recognise her.

  6. danger says:

    cracking find, good work.

  7. […] Via Damien Mulley’s blog comes SligoZone, a tourist guide to Sligo complete with videos. Check out all of the videos on google video. Excellent stuff. […]

  8. Stephen says:

    This is proper blizzard of odd material πŸ™‚

  9. I think this is where I, red-faced, disassociate myself and the rest of my countymen and women from this awful yoke.

    What was she thinking?!

  10. Ambrand says:

    Hi I’m ***Mahir Cagri*** and you are most welcome to Turkey…

  11. […] Mulley mentions the cringworthy depiction of Ireland at If you think that’s bad (and yes it is) how about some Irish Flag Swimwear? […]

  12. djh says:

    sure she is only darling!

    Everyone to Tubercurry for the weekend! We can hire a mini bus to get us there!

  13. Feel free! I’ll see ye all for a pint in the May Queen.

  14. auds says:

    My eyes; my eyes. They hurt. Those bosoms and Lisadell beach.
    Is she for real?
    Does she say the same thing for every video? Don’t think I can watch all of them together.

    BTW, How did you come across her Damien?

  15. Damien says:

    Auds: Lots of practice

  16. Lionel Blairs lovechild says:

    Hmm i see Yamaha have snapped her up for their latest advert..

  17. Ger says:

    is she for real…………….gr8 laff tho! well done!

  18. […] As damien points out, this woman, Aine Chambers wants you to go to Sligo ‘City’ as she calls it. is her attempt at increasing tourism. The intro videos have to be seen to be believed! […]

  19. ams says:

    new desktop central!!! but which to choose!

  20. that girl says:

    Like Auds, I’m deeply worried about how Damien came across this material in the first place!

  21. Jett Loe says:

    Man, I don’t know what’s wrong with some of you folks – it’s great that the Internet lets us easily create and distribute home grown material like this – there’s more energy and spirit in Aine’s website than 90% of blogs out there – hell, even though it’s not a blog, sheshould be the big winner on Saturday night!

  22. I think the video from Sligo Abbey, where she’s walking over what looks like someone’s grave is the best one.

  23. […] I was going to do a Russell Beattie on Friday to boost traffic. What’s an RB? Blog about why Macs are shite and you’ll get a lot of traffic. Baiting Mac fans always generates traffic. They protect the brand so much they almost put a Jihad on you. Russell probably does it for an increase in ad revenue or maybe like me he loves winding people up. However the Sligo post generated more traffic than I have ever gotten on this site. Some 1200 page views on Friday alone and now that the Metafilter people have seen the page (thanks to Jett) my Sunday traffic has surpassed 600 page views. Sunday is normally the dead day for this site. Coolness. […]

  24. […] Aine Chambers – Sligo’s Chief Ambassador: Damien Mulley linked to this and frankly, the videos are hilarious. They’re for Aine’s site called […]

  25. John says:

    This site has to be a pisstake…

  26. bernard says:

    Well, with my fab-a-doobie meeja connections*, I can confirm that Γƒ?ine, her lovely website and legs will be featured on the Podge And Rodge show coming soon.

    *: these may or may not actually be my connections. πŸ˜›

  27. […] Well done Aine. Following up from my first Sligo Tourism post is news that Aine was in the Star on Sunday today. Congrats Aine. Anyone got any scans of it? […]

  28. greetings from Siberia, comrades!!! I think Aine is such a sexy babushka!! She wears such gorgeous sexy high heels!! Imagine the pressure of fifteen sex-laden stones pressing down on just 6 mm2 of steel!!! better than an ilyushin rocket all day longski, eh? And such sexy boots…mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Aine, you can play BALL with those heels on me any time…bet you’ll launch d’oul rocket, ok? πŸ˜‰ keep it up, baby…Stolichnaya!

    Boris the Terrible

  29. Bosh says:

    is it just me or does anyone else think she is a bit of a “Hottie”…….? ?

    she could keep me warm on a windy night i can tell ya ! ! !

  30. Fergo says:

    Here is the Star on Sunday’s artical…

    She is going to be the next Miss HOFF if she keeps this up-Classic!

  31. MicheÑl says:

    Haha, Γƒ?ine Chambers has made my evening. Who needs TV these days? L’internet provides much better low brow entertainment

  32. robert kelly says:

    why get so uptight Aine looks to me like top tottie ok so her style is out of date most men I know will be be wearing the matalan clollection this year keep up the good work Aine be lucky robbie

  33. […] Think Sligo isn’t scary? Google video gives a handy guide to the terrifying Γƒ?ine Chambers phenomenon (Thanks to Damien Mulley’s blog for alerting me to this odd side of Sligo’s tourist industry, and for giving frequent updates on its spread across the world…) […]

  34. SteveWeb says:

    Aine Chambers is a classical Irish Beauty with a great deal more intelligence and talent than all of her critics combined, who unforunately, have never evolved since they were obnoxious, spotty-faced adolescents who, in their own insecurity felt a need to target and ‘slag-off’ anyone that they didn’t understand…I feel sorry for them. Grow up you freaks!

  35. Damien says:

    Well said Steve.

  36. Pauli says:

    It is easy to take the piss out of Aine Chambers and the video clips she made about places in her home county. And a lot of smart asses have done just that. As a Dub, I think she does a good job of showing a lot of interesting places in Sligo and she does so with a certain pride and enthusiasm which is refreshing in this cynical age. She is not offensive in the usual smarmy professional media way and she is convinced she is making the most of her assets as she sets about her chosen task. Some have commented on her appearance and spoken negatively about it but I find Aine a lot easier on the eye than most of the expensively draped ugly trollopes that constitute the majority of the female attendance of Ladies Day at the Galway Races. So fair play to ye, Aine and keep up the good work.

  37. SteveWeb says:

    Well said Pauli πŸ˜‰

  38. Bernard says:

    Where has she gone? The site seems to be wiped off the ‘net effective October 12th …

  39. An Avalanche of TARGETED TRAFFIC is Just Minutes Away!

  40. Hawkeye says:

    Went looking for Holy well in Sligo, wound up looking at Aine, it’s hard to keep your eyes on the countryside.

    Her face is plain, she needs the make-up, boobs tits and ass and nice legs, but sometimes less is more Aine, no mystery.

    Oh get rid of that dress or is it a belt and let your brains do the talking instead of your body, sitting like your going to the toliet a holy-well……well just isn’t called for.

    I’m glad there was genuine Tobernault Holy-well info, on the othersites.


  41. […] (via TCAL and […]

  42. […] Oh internet, you are so wise, and so varied. Webland holds so many treasures and wonders. And thanks to Damien we’ve found this fantastic collection of clips all about Sligo, bet Sligo Tourism are happy. […]