Growing the Blog O’Sphere – Ice cream, tupperware and finding the passionate ones

Markham spotted an Irish ice cream blog. Mmmmm. Again I say: mmmmmmm. Nice find Markham and it’s a great blog.

I’ve been thinking a lot about how to get more and more people blogging and getting more companies using blogs and RSS/Atom/(whatever feed technology) and how to convert as many as possible into using this medium*. I suppose one should go with the easy wins first. Go with those most suited for blogging and encourage them. Let them be the first ones to dip their foot in the news rivers and tell the others the water is great.

Murphy’s Ice Cream are the perfect company for blogging. If someone is passionate about their job/work/product then a blog is a great outlet for conversing with the public. For them a blog is probably a natural extension of what they already do which is telling the public about their passions. Small companies would naturally do this more than larger ones. All levels in the Murphy’s probably work with the consumers on a regular basis. Could you say the same for larger companies? I couldn’t but from now on this will change.

Microsoft are probably the biggest company to encourage blogging. Look at how many people in there are blogging now. Look at the blogs for all the various products they make. Even supersecret Google are clenching less and working with their public more and I’m sure their products will be all the better for it and thank goodness because the most of their latest products are bland and many are just lame.

So, I’m going to start looking out for passionate people and passionate companies. My friend Stephen is a candidate for blogging. As is my friend Allan. Same definitely goes for the guy I get wine off of in Bubble Brothers, as I mentioned previously. How many people do we know who are passionate? Why not make a list and have our own tupperware conversion party every few months to try and convert them? The Cult of the Blog O’Sphere. Why am I thinking about that Simpsons episode where they converted Homer by going “ne ne ne ne ne LEA-DER”?

And now I’ll try and find some Murphy’s Ice Cream in Cork and follow their recipe for hot chocolate.

* I may have something to announce on this in the next month or two

One Response to “Growing the Blog O’Sphere – Ice cream, tupperware and finding the passionate ones”

  1. Kieran says:

    Thanks so much for the mention! I also am going to try to get people blogging. Our coffee supplier, for instance, would be a great candidate, because an insider’s coffee blog would be cool. Unfortunately, many small producers and suppliers don’t even have a website, and when you talk about blogs their eyes glaze over…

    As for finding our ice cream in Cork, we’re having great trouble in the city because there are virtually no independent food stores, and we’re not ready to play with the big boys yet!