Bloggers – Take the Photo Challenge

Listed below are all the blogs that were in the long list for Best Photoblog. I’m challenging you, the reader of this blog, to visit 2-3 of the below photoblogs and spend some time going through them and pick out 2 favourite photos from the blogs you visited and blog about them and include the photos or a thumbnail of them in the post itself. Introduce your audience to them and give the wonderful photographic artists a boost in traffic. Also link back to this post so I can see who’s taken up the challenge.

EDIT: Due to a silly error with my HTML skills I seemed to comment out half the list. Proper list now displayed.
Iced Coffee
This is Diopter
Letter to America
Blather Abroad
North Atlantic Skyline
In Photos
The Plastic Cat
Ina O’Murchu
I Like Cameras

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