Friday bits n’ pieces

Congrats to BifSniff for making Screenhead. Screenhead is part of the Gawker Media Empire so gets a lot of eyeballs, which is apt for the cartoon in question.

Paige contemplates the blogging life and how she is distracted by the blog awards nominees. Welcome to my world! Please visit Paige’s site and comment on her posts. Some great stuff there. Send her more traffic.

The Tech meetup going on before the Blog Awards is going really well. Good to see some of the bloggers with passions for certain projects are going to be presenting.

Malcolm Gladwell of Blink and Tipping Point fame is blogging. Go subscribe and buy his books. What a great segway …

Speaking of tipping points, I think blogging will reach its Tipping Point when Sliabh’s idea about a less serious counter to the blog Awards occurs. I really like the idea but I fear we’re too early with it yet. There’s some 1000 blogs or so that we can deem as Irish. When we get to 5000, then maybe we could do this.

I’m being called a monster in work because I had rainbow trout for work today and ate it all including the head and eyes. Pfffft. Pics are on the way.

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