How long before they make Grand Theft Auto – Dáil Eireann Edition

Driving down motorways the wrong way, drunk.
Knocking down pedestrians.
Breaking speed limits.
Then we have the big boss Gun Runner though we had a previous gun runner also run the country.

Oooh, and we can have a fascist Chief of Police.

*puts on his Judas Priest album and spins “Breaking the Law”*

3 Responses to “How long before they make Grand Theft Auto – Dáil Eireann Edition”

  1. the saint says:

    I think you will find Charles J was never convicted of anything. And I wouldn’t call McDowell fascist either. Remember he is not the one talking about “40 million poles”

  2. tomcosgrave says:

    Rabbitte may have a penchant for putting his foot in it, Saint, but he is definitely no fascist. McDowell, on the other hand, chose to bring in a change to the constitution that allowed only certain infants to become citizens…McDowell chose to lambast a citizen of this state under parliamentary privilege without evidence, a citizen who, guilty or not, now has no chance of defending himself a fair trial.

  3. the saint says:

    I aiint getting into all this now. we would be here all night.