Toyota Jeeps Rock

Toyota Jeeps Rock Top Gear really put this through its paces.

Edit: Seems that the vid was taken off Google Video. Here it is in two parts from YouTube:

7 Responses to “Toyota Jeeps Rock”

  1. the saint says:

    I say that before but i never saw the building bit. My god toyota should put that on their adds.

  2. ryan says:

    Yeah same here, I thought they stopped at setting it on fire. Possibly the best endorsement for Toyota ever. I wonder if the build quality these days is still up to that 1980’s level? 😀

  3. Rinceoir says:

    You’d never seen that! Top Gear are legends especially Jeremy Clarkson.

    I’m pretty sure that jeep are the jeeps you would see the Taliban drive around in on news reports. Check out some more videos from Top Gear on their website

  4. OMG, I remember that episode well. It was amazing what they did to it. Good find getting the video!

  5. Damien says:

    Then there’s the SLR episode. Man. Pure macho porn. Love it.

  6. Simon says:

    Hi !I own a 1999 Toyota Tacoma Pre-Runner; 2×4; V-6. The AC works; however, it’s only intermittently. It would be nice and cold going to work in the morning; but hot as heck going home in the evening – it would just blow warm and hot air.

    I recently had the freon purged and replaced; however, this did not solve the hot and cold problem.

    Please help. Your help would be greatly appreciated.


  7. […] I thought the best ad for Toyota in 2006 was what the Top Gear team did to a Toyota Jeep. I’m sure the video predates 2006 but I found it a testimony to the Toyota brand. I bet it helped increase sales of Toyota jeeps. I’m surpised Toyota didn’t cash-in on this. Maybe they didn’t need to do anything and just watched sales increase. Were I them I’d licence that segment from TopGear and free it to be used online. Stick it on YouTube and all the rest of the video sites. The original version of this I found on Google Video but it since got wiped. […]