ISPs forced to filter – business opportunity for them though

So with all this talk of Net Neutrality and the big telcos in the states trying to strong-arm money off Google, wouldn’t a great way for Irish ISPS to make the money back off Data Retention be to use the filtering systems Herr McFlick wants, to actually block everthing bar websites. “We notice you’re trying to use VOIP. VOIP is an additional resource and we need to charge for that.” Stranger things…

2 Responses to “ISPs forced to filter – business opportunity for them though”

  1. Des says:

    Reminds me of years ago (1990) in Prague asking for U2 in a disco and being told “that’s a special request and costs extra”…


  2. mbf says:

    I’m sure the telcos are scared of VOIP and ubiquitous wifi/wimax, but doesn’t ISP stand for Internet Service Provider, not Web and Email Service Provider?

    Of course, I’m on dialup (still can’t get broadband around Kilcolgan), so it’s not as if IP is useful for much else for me.