Building up the Gay Agenda

Richard Waghorne said on his blog:

it seems that politically-motivated gay people are over-represented online

I’d disagree and think that of those in the Irish blog O’Sphere who identify as lesbian or gay, they’re not very poltical or into activism at all. Look at Homosexual Agenda which has 43 bloggers listed. 43 out of 1000+ Many of them aren’t very active bloggers either. Now look at the posts in that aggregator. Not hugely political for the main part are they? Except the usual dodgy characters 🙂

So in disagreeing with Richard I think myself and Rob need to start adding more people to the Gay Agenda. The idea is to add blogs which are, like Richard mentions, “politically-motivated” though we don’t want foaming at the mouth folks either. Sorry RabidStraightHatingBottom33, maybe try another aggregator? Ta. So, if you have a few LGBT blogs in your aggregator and you believe they are political/activist type blogs, please leave links in the comments. (The spam protection for comments kicks in for 2 or more hyperlinks in comments so your post will go into the moderation queue.) The blogs don’t have to be Irish either. We also want blogs you read. We want you to be the quality control and won’t let in any blog you haven’t read.

Note to the FeFiFoe people: This is not an invite for commentary on Richard. There’s more than one blog outlet for that already. 🙂

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