New York in November

So I’ve volunteered to go with my family to New York in November. So dear readers, please suggest cheap but comfortable places to stay in the Metropolis. There are 5 adults and one 13 year old going.

Please also recommend some good places to visit. By places I mean places for weird food and crazy bars. While the family shops myself and a cousin will be going a bit crazy, I hope.

5 Responses to “New York in November”

  1. Rowan says:

    I stay with friends when I go so can´t help you on the accomodation but here are a few links you could keep an eye on for weird (and sometimes practical) stuff

    Flavorpill NYC
    Metroblogging NYC

    And if you get a chance, dorkbot is always interesting and always pretty weird:

  2. Conor says:

    Woogo Aparments, they are just off Times Square, on 123rd and 44th West if my memory serves me correctly. Not the fanciest place ever but its comfortable and not too expensive.

    Try the Hard Rock Cafe for a bar, not the craziest place ever but its got a decent atmosphere and it has to be one thing you do while in NY!

  3. We staying the the Milford Plaza a few years back. Nice place, very close to Times Square, and very decently priced. The rooms weren’t the biggest though.

  4. Jack says:


    Remote lounge is the maddest bar I have ever been in, all camera, quite voeuristic but deadly fun,

    Its mad because you’d never see the likes here.

    Ice stake at the Rockefella and head to Dean and deluca for a hot coffee afterwards.

    NOLITO or north of little Italy is supposed to be the new place to go for dining. Little Italy is sufficient though.

    The meatpacker district is fun also, its where hogs and heifers is, area is not the best to take public transport too.

  5. Jack says:

    …sites of interest include: Dakota building, Empire State, Chrysler Building, Central Park, Statten Island Ferry is free and worth it. Wall Street, Battery Park, Grand Central Station.

    Shopping at Woodbury Common for outlets(day trip in Limo is cheapest and most conv.). In city though Macys, Bloomingdales, Tiffany, 5th Ave are always hot.sales all year round.

    Time Square, Waldorf Astoria, Madison Sq garden. Expedia do a Big Apple Bed Sale in October, some great deals on upper end hotels. Skip Irish book