This cold/virus thing going around

Anyone else experience this motherfucker of a virus? It started on New Year’s day and I still have it. Chest infection and cold thing and a really nasty and annoying cough. Out sick from work most of last week and have no energy to do anything. It took me about 2 hours to answer that meme from Suzy. Antibiotics run out tomorrow and really have been no help. Woke this morning from fevered dreams and pains all over. Muh. 2006 better improve!

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  1. Simon McGarr says:


    Consider yourself sympathised with.

  2. EWI says:

    Sorry to hear it!

  3. Sinéad says:

    I’m telling you. OD on Augmenten and you’ll be tickety boo.

  4. Hate that! Have you tried Citricidal? Any time I feel that I’ll be sick I put 5 drops of that into some water or juice before I go to bed and I feel much better in the morning. Even though you’re sick already it should help you fight the infection! It tastes awful, so take it with fruit juice if possible!
    You’ll get it in “Here’s Health” on Patrick Street, or most health food shops I think.

  5. Damien says:

    Vitamin C gives me mouth ulcers I think. My dentist thinks that’s bollox but I can have about one piece of fruit a day and anymore and I get nasty ulcers. So, I think I’d avoid it. I have been taking Zinc though. Thanks!

  6. Don’t want to scare you, but you might want to consider asking your doctor to get you a chest x-ray. The antibiotics should have sorted it.

  7. Sinéad says:

    As a veteran of a pulmonary embollism, fungal pneumonia and a collapsed lung, I’d agree with Richard.

    You have none of the above, but that’s a long time to have an infection and for anti-biotics not to shift it.

  8. Rich says:

    well not the cough but yeah this year has been weird – have some mysterious bug that just can’t seem to shake, fiancee seems to have it too. Is there much more bugs going around than there used to? Got my fair share in school – we all do but would it be incredibly unPC to wonder if the rise of every nation in the planet setting up in Ireland without any health checks on entry might possibly have a knock on effect, as well as the fact that new and different germs are around that we did not have to fight as kids?
    Certainly that rather dulled down report about a ‘certain’ pub in Dublin with a rather high incidence of TB contraction is dodgy.. But hey I love my neighbour as much as the next …

  9. Don Crowleysays: June 5th says:

    I got it too on New Years day, this is my third relapse, can’t shake it , whats happening?

  10. Nina says:

    Do keep the conversation going about the strong cold viruses going around. This may well be our only source of good info. I too have had a relapse-nothing seems to help : antibiotics, herbal teas, benedryl, prednizone-no, not all at once-we’re talking weeks here. Thanks. Nina

  11. Tracy says:

    4 weeks and I’m just now getting over this. The cough is the worst.Every night and most days for 3 weeks. No fever. Been to Dr. 2x. FYI! Antibiotics will NOT help a virus! That’s’ what Docs have told me. Makes sense. This is not a bacterial infection. What did help was finally taking cough syrup with codeine. Seems to have shaken this thing out of me. That’s all I know. This is the worst cold virus I’ve ever had and I rarely get sick. Am VERY grateful for my health. Good things can come out of misery…Cheers.

  12. I know these entries are from last year but I wanted to say that I’ve been struggling with what sounds like the same virus. Bad cough with lots of mucus but no bacterial infections. Lots of sneezing at the onset and have had a relapse of the same virus. Never had this ever happen in my life. There’s no mistaking that it’s the same virus. Really bizarre. I live near a large metropolitan area….Atlanta, Georgia, USA. I’ve been trying to find info somewhere on symptoms of recent cold viruses. I believe this same virus probably killed James Brown. I have asthma and had a bugger of a time breathing. How are viruses over there this year?

  13. dixiemartin says:

    This really is nasty my Son had it first and his eyes looked horrible and red then he went into a horrible Asthma attack too so he was on medication for 10 days then inhalers, cough syrup. It took three weeks and he is over it.
    Hubby got it the same thing and his settled in his chest almost sounds like Asthma and he never had that,Doctor said he has had the samething since Christmas and he still has it. Anyway, no fever but your nose, eyes run and you feel like someone kicked the crap out of you with no energy. He was talking medication over the counter then Doc gave him pills for cough and cough syrup with codine that seems to help at night. I rubbed his chest at night time to and he used saline nose spray to keep his nose clear. He is almost over it but with all the phlem it was really the worse part.
    To me I think we allow people to come over into our state without shots and were starting to get new illness, even the small pox and other child illness are making their way back.

    Hope everyone gets better ,Keep washing your hands, use one glass, take vitimin C and B and keep your fingers cross no more illness and get well soon.

  14. Margaret says:

    Thanks Dixiemartin, your point has been taken I believe I am over the worst part after reading this as its my 3rd week starting :).

    Everyone look after yourselves.

  15. Susan says:

    I have been fighting this same thing for about three weeks now. I’ve taken antibiotics, a decongestant, an inhaler, and cough medicine. (I started out with a hydrocodene & something else cough syrup, but was allergic to it so had to get something else) Nothing seems to work. I sneeze, cough, blow my nose…and feel like total crap. I don’t know what to do. I’ve tried chicken soup…extra vitamin c…everything. I’ve never had asthma, but I sure feel like I have it’s close kin right now. The phlegm is unbelievable…and what’s worse is I have to talk on the phone all day with my job so this nasty little bug really interferes with my daily work requirements. I’m afraid my voice will always sound like I have a cardboard box lodged crossways in my throat. And I so rarely get sick this one really has me by the short hairs!

  16. Alan says:

    This seems to be one of the better threads on this cold/virus (?) thing. My roommate seems to have given it to me twice this year so far. Around January 6th 2007 started the first time. And now again I’m finishing up day number 4 with it. Feel really run down. Slightly feverish. It seems to start with a sore throat in the morning the first day. Followed by the same old nasty stuff of running nose and coughing in spurts depending on what medicine you’ve last taken to suppress the coughing a bit. Blowing lots of crap out of nose and coughing and spitting up the same. The taste of it I swear is evil. Some earthy stinky death kind of taste and smell in your nose.

    The doctor on the first occurance prescribed a Codene Cough Syrup and Z-Pack ZithroMax (Azythromicin) as well as Claritin-D. We didn’t refill the prescription because it seemed to get it in a few days. Now we can’t afford to pay the doctor again plus all that medicine again (Health Care in the US you got to love it.

    I’m trying that Citricidal idea that several have mentioned. Only seem to find a few of those locally in Health Food Stores. Found NutriBiotic GSE. Also saw one other one. Options of liquid or pills. I picked the 2 oz liquid. That and Aleve Cold and Sinus and we had some Claritin-D left over. I’ve got to knock this thing quicker this time. I just don’t have 2 or 3 weeks to be stuck home sick.

    How can we prevent getting this crap again? Keep taking Citricidal?


  17. netdragon says:

    Antibiotics aren’t for viruses.

  18. Laurel says:

    I have had this damn whatever it is for 3 weeks now and am still coughing, scratchy throat and sooo tired. I have been using cough medicine with codeine and it has helped some. I just feel so run down, no energy to do anything. I have been trying to drink lots of fluids and rest, but I don’t seem to getting better very quickly. All I do is work and sleep. The cough sounds just horrible. Anyone know of anything else to try?


  19. Susan Tomkings says:

    Hello Everyone

    I live in the U.K and it is doing the rounds here, my mum, my daughter my best friend and her husband all have the virus, as well as me.

    My poor mum has had it since the end of January, she had to go to the doctor for sleeping tablets as the tickle in her throat made her cough every night, completly exhausting so she needed the tablets her only means of getting asleep.


  20. Anne Dawson says:

    I had this virus really badly in early January afterI went to a cousin’s party. I had the worst sore throat ever and then a week’s solid coughing, every night so no sleep. I had the damn thing for at least 4 weeks. Now after going to a wedding up in the Lake District, in Cumbria UK, I have got the same thing again, a sore throat but not as bad as before and coughing for only two nights, but I am very tired and feel very down and I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one suffering !

  21. MARY says:

    It’s July & I have the same thing started about three weeks ago, getting better but it’s so slow. My biggest complant is no energy. Anyone else out there with it now?

  22. Have read all the entries and so many of them descibe what both my husband and myself are going through right now, and it’s the middle of July! I put it down to the fact that people are traveling the world and consequently so are the virus’s. Also what are our Doctors not telling us ,because this virus definatly effects your breathing…………..a mild dose of bird flu?

  23. Jake McNeely says:

    I have had same systoms,Bad cough lots of green phelm for over 2 weeks now,I have never had something like this during the summer months so it’s a little disturbing to me. Not sure where I would have caught such a terrible virus but I just hope it goes away soon!!

  24. Ryan says:

    Here I am too. Started with a soar throat. Headaches come and go. It is mostly in my chest. Lots of mucous, cough. I am on day number 8 and still feel like crap. No energy, my chest feels like it is going to explode.

  25. Sarah says:

    I am on week 3 of the same thing. I have never had a cold last this long. Every night I go to bed hoping I will feel better the next day but wake up still with the same thing. Have been taking over the counter cough medicines but do not work. Will it ever end?

  26. fred says:

    Nov 2007 – I work at a INS homeland security prison,lots of illegalls from all over the world..?? In sept I started to cough, no fever,bad cough, mucus, hot and cold sweats.muscle cramps, tired…. I still have it. I have been on 5 differant antibiotics, 10 days steriold treatment,codine cough,inhalers, 2 xrays and a ppd test all neg. Missing work, its wearing me down.I was checked for wooping cough,neg DOES ANYONE HAVE AN ANSWER.

  27. Dakota says:

    Ive had this cold thing for about 3 weeks now, cough, lots of white flem, hard breathing, ive went to the er 4 times, they gave me antibiotics didnt work, 2 chest x-rays, 2 times they tooken blood out, they say i have severe bronchitis, im on medicine and inhlaers, feeling worse everyday, now starting to vomit blood, cant eat anything without it coming back up. I am 15 years old and what i noticed is people everywhere are getting sick, i know at least 20 kids at my high school, who have the same thing, and i chat alot on the internet through a program clled paltalk, and i know alot of ppl who are complaining about bein sick with same sythoms, same with myspace. Somthing big is goin around, and im afriad its serious and getting stronger

  28. Roy says:

    I live in FL and I have had this cold with Asthma like symtoms. I know other people with it and this thing will not go away. I have been on antibotics and steriods and nothing works. My Dr. wanted me to get a chest X-Ray and go to a pulmonary Dr. The coughing is the worst and always at nite. Eating also seems to trigger a coughing spell. I an a mucus machine. Then it goes away like I am getting better then I get the asthema thing again and running nose. I am sorry anyone has this but I am glad to know that I am not going crazy as far as this cold not going away. I have a Dr. friend who has had this for weeks and he is baffled and going for a chest X Ray. The chest doctors I have called I can’t see for a month or more. My family doctor is baffled. This cold will not go away. My3 year old daughter appears to just about be over it after weeks. I have had it for two months.

  29. jason says:

    am in n/ireland just thought ide post
    I have I guess the same problem as everyone above I caught it from a friend of the famly that had been in a real bad way with it. he couldnt move,eat or do much of anything this is not like him so he had it real bad

    i only had a sore throat for a day or so after that all was fine for 2 days then it came back in a few hours i felt like i had been hit with a sledge hammer on the shoulders.

    I have not gone to the doctor or taken anything for it, as I think it’s a cold-flue I thought ill get over it in a few days lol it’s been 2 weeks now and I feel like crap still
    more mucus and flem than you’d think possible being coughed up and blown out constantly, nose is like a dripping tap non stop, lungs that are on fire from all the coughing, so tired/light-headed and week I know it’ll be pointless seeing the doc but might just give him a visit
    as the normal vit c, oj chicken soup etc isn’t relieving things any i know its more the time off year for getting the cold/flue now and i normaly get it some how every year but this is the worst ive had it that i can remember

  30. bohawk says:

    interesting to have found this blog!! i am a very fit, healthy bodybuilder who has not had a cold in years. my family had the norovirus three times in two years, but so did many folks here, closing hospital wards.

    i got this cold on 12 december. my kids had it for weeks and my mother-in-law had it a month prior and could not shake it (she is very fit too). it starts with a sore throat that is so painful.. feels like it’s on fire.. that lasts only one night.. then the sneezing starts.. doesn’t stop. sinuses get inflamed, congested, fever, aches and pains.. plus i would come out of the shower and start sweating!! but after i got dressed, no fever.. so bizarre. it tries to work it’s way down into the lungs.. i went to the GP, just before xmas.. and he scripted augmentin (last time i had a cold two years ago it turned into bronchitis). this prevented it from spreading into the lungs, but the other symptoms, scratchiness, sinus, congestion around the larynx continued. i started feeling better, got back to the gym, enjoyed some xmas cheer and BAM!! back again.. so, i may have relapsed.. or perhaps just never got over it.

    again, i’m very healthy.. low fat, high protein diet.. take supplements, vitamins, minerals, olive leaf, fruits and veges.. have low bp, extremely low cholosterol and trigylcerides, 62 bpm resting pulse.

    for a cold to last more than two weeks is unheard of.. it is now three weeks.. and it is NOT going away!! visited GP two days ago.. he thinks that this virus is extremely robust and has oversensitized the autoimmune system. i have some signs of sinus infection.. he said don’t take the roxy unless symptoms don’t improve in a few days.. or you begin coughing up phlegm.. well, i’ve satisfied the criteria.. so taking first dose today.

    i’m not one for conspiracy theories.. but there seems to be some extremely “well designed” viruses out there.. strong enough to kill the weak, elderly and infirm.. but make the stronger, fitter folks feel absolutely horrible. did anyone read about that adenovirus in america that has killed strong, fit teenagers and adults? it apparently causes pneumonia in fit people.. coincidentally all reported cases have been near “military bases” or towns in states with large military populations (oregon and texas).

    anyway, if you’re reading this.. i hope you feel better.. i totally sympathize with you!! i’m thinking this one will take at least one month.. if not two to fully come right.. but will need to really step down the exercise, eat perfectly, and no booze!

    take care everyone.. this thing is nasty. see your GP!!!

  31. yvonne says:

    I’ve had this for over 7 weeks already. I have been to my gp twice and was relieved to read that others have the same symptoms as I was just about ready to go to the emergency room because i felt my g was incompetent. After the 1st week in mid november I thought it was going away but after 12 hours it came back full force. I do suffer with athsma and am having a hard time breathing and antibiotics and over the counter medicines have done nothing to alieveiate the symptoms. Scatchy throat, sore chest, stuffed up nose that i have to keep blowing, wheezing, mucus by the bucket load & aches all over but no headache.
    I’ve had flu and pneumonia jabs a few months ago so obviously they didn’t help.
    Wish you all better!

  32. tr says:

    this damn thing keeps coming back. Got it first in May lasted a few weeks took a z-pack that i thought helped.
    boom Thanksgiving and here it is again. First symptoms is slight body aches then lose voice. next bad coughing I mean terrible. I am 40 years old and never remember anything worse. took z pack again and things subsided. then this weekend Jnuary 12th back again. THE EXACT SAME THING. Don’t know what to do.

    On top of all of this I have MS that i have deal with for 15 years so I am tapped out.

    HELP? Any suggestions??

  33. DMBR says:

    Yeah, we’ve got it too. In Northern FL. It started in Mid December – insanely tired, awful headache, muscle aches, no real fever, but a few days of chills and feeling like the Flu with the major body aches. Our main problem now is the fatigue and damn chest/sinus congestion. I went to the GP – got a Z-Pack for Sinusitis – it’s helping with that. One thing that seems to be getting me through the day is an over the counter medicine – Sinus med for Severe Congestion (I am using the generic Walmart brand – same thing as the Tylenol Brand) . It not only has the decongestant in it, but it also has Guaifenesin (say that one after a few beers). It seems to be breaking up the crap in my chest and helping me breathe better. But, this is one NASTY-ASS virus. It seems to be gone for a few days, and then it comes back with a friggin vengeance. Germ warfare? Resilient Viral infections? Diseases out of control? Ah, Who knows? I just keep taking the Vitamin C, Echinacea, antibiotics, Acidophilus, Multi-vitamins, Garlic tablets, and Severe Congestion medicine and pounding the fluids to keep everything moving. What else is there to do about it?

  34. susan cleary says:

    WOW…I who never get sick was knocked off my feet. Started with a bad sore throat, then tired and fever of 102 for a day. Then a cough at night and now just the continual runny nose and cough. I have Augmentin but haven’t taken it yet. Just aspirin for the mild headache. I am into my fifth day and wondering from the other responses whether this will take forever to go away. I haven’t been sick in years. Weird!! It is January 28 and all is not well and happy in eastern PA.

  35. tr says:

    Doc put me on amoxillin. took it for a week. better a few days then today Jan 28th got sore throat & cugh again. Not as bad yet but same shi… different day!

  36. Yeah, this thing seems to have worked its way around the world and into our hearts, NOT. Its the zapping of energy and the passing between partners that really gets me. It seems to be common thread through this entire blog with slightly different flavors of symptoms but still common.
    The cough with the nasty Flem, tight chest, rattling lungs, sore throat, feeling like a fork lift would have trouble getting you out of bed, itchy eyes sneezing, the nasty return of the virus when you think its gone. My partner is suffering more than me, we have had this thing back twice in the last 6 months. It seems to be still in the body and lays dormant until a change in the weather or a ride in a plane/airbus (ours domestic). Surly with this many people complaining of the same symptoms the gov health bodies in our countries should have an answer. GPs, specialists, lab techs… I am surprised that the medical profession is so far behind on this one.

  37. DMBR says:

    The Doctors know about this “bug” and in my opinion are really “banking” on it. I’ve been to the doctor’s office three times in the past 2 weeks for various medications and some testing. I am now suffering from an additional bacterial infection as a result of this thing. It just WON’T GO AWAY!!!! So far it has been two types of antibiotics. Next is gonna be Clorox – I swear!!!! Only kidding… just frustrated. But this “bug” is apparently some “thing” that will latch on anywhere it can and just create havoc. Everyone seems to have slightly different symptoms, but the recurring factor is the same throughout. I am at war at this point…

  38. Jenny says:

    This sounds like the same thing that we’ve had since before Christmas. I think my daughter got it first…flu like symptoms, then I got the horrible cough, felt like bubbles in my chest and couldn’t breath properly, if I moved I coughed until I was sick, a great way to spend the New Year. My daughter hasn’t managed a full week at school since November, and has been off school completely for the last fortnight, if she does anything her temperature goes up and she gets extreme fatigue. I’m not so bad as that but I have had all last week and 2 days this week off work as well as the fortnight over christmas. Now my son has it too.
    For some bizarre reason my GP said my daughter’s problem was a urinary tract infection!!! We’re going back next week as she isn’t getting better. I think the rest of us are fighting it off.

  39. DMBR says:

    Interesting…I ended up with a bladder infection after all the nasty chest & sinus stuff went away. It’s just been killing me for 6 weeks now, in one form or another. But things seem to be getting better. But, I am on my 3rd type of antibiotic for the third different infection. This has just been unreal. It seems like many posts here are from the East Coast.

  40. tr says:

    That is all I seem to do. I take Claritan to heklp sleep part of the night but I am still coughing all the time. It is now an “unproductive” cough, Just white not green mucus but it is a constant cough.

    Any other suggestions as this rhing enters it’s sixth week?

  41. yvonne says:

    Well I am finally recovered after being sick since mid november. I had 2 different antibiotics and every over the counter meds you could think of. and Night nurse/nyquil was the only thing that made me feel a little better. That was the last medication I took and maybe because it knocked me out and I slept though the night while i used it that it made the difference. Im in England so not only east coat people have it and there are lots of hospital wards closed because of it. I wouldn’t wish this on my enemies it was so bad I ended up in emergency room unable to breathe and was on a nebulator for almost 10 hours. I do hope you all get better soon and that I dont get it back for a 3rd time:)

  42. Bill F says:

    Had this cold since early dec 07, started w/ bad sore throat, running nose. feeling worn out. eyes water alot. after two wks saw my doctor, he thought possible a phnuemonia, x ray were neg. Did have bad sinus infecton. Took prescribed antibiotics which seemed to work. Two days after they ended, I went to a new years party, had a few drinks, and BAM! Sore throat came back. next day I was sick as a dog again. Fever up and down, my throat seemed to be having a mucus production party of some type. Yuk! Back to the doc after another week of this. Another course of anti-b’s, felt better but two days after they ended…sick again, now its Feb 5th and I’m still sick in all this time I only called in sick about 2 wks. for the worst of days I dont smoke, eat fairly healthy, use very little alcohol and am 49 yrs old. And not under or overwieght.

  43. mel says:

    I have the same thing. I’m going on week 3. My boss has it and her kids have it too. This thing is the devil to get rid of. Keeps coming and going. One day I’m good then the next few days I’m horrible. Glad my wife doesn’t have it. She’s been nursing me through fevers and what not. Glad to hear this thing is not localized as it is across the pond too. I drink like 3 vitamin waters a day and took airborne and vicks 44. The vicks helps, but not long enough. It’s pointless to go to the doc. Nothing they can do. Get well everyone!

  44. Samantha says:

    My daughter came down this “bug” in Nov 07 she has had it now 4 times just when we think she is getting better she comes down with it again. She has no energy and the cough is really bad. The amount of mucus she is moving is hugh. I have made a decision to stop giving her all the over the countermedication and just am going to let her body deal with it!! I took her to our GP who had blood test done but they all came back clear, so what I cant understand is why she is still so ill. The worse thing is she is a competive swimmer and has not been able to train for so long now she may as well give up this season.

  45. Sharon says:

    I want to clear up a few thing. Anitobiotics will not clear up viral infections. They only work against bacterial infections. They do not work for flus or colds. If you develop a bacterial infection such as pneumonia or bronchitis, then they will help. Lots of fuids, lots of rest and Nyquil. I live by Nyquil when I am sick. LOTS OF REST. If not it coold develop into something more serious. Hope you feel better soon.

  46. bj says:

    this flu…. had mine two months, now. it recurred once, with barely a gap. driving me nuts. never had anything like this.

    i’m 60yrs old. in california. i’m amazed to see this thread two years old. in a way it encourages, but it also says how close we are to the end. we are digging under every bush in the universe to get new bugs.. i guess this is one of them..

    my cold’s last phase: taste buds screwed up two weeks, dizzy for three weeks lost circulation in feet (and hands some times), two weeks.

    originally had itchy nasal to point of throwing up to ‘scratch’ it. saline spray solved that. never any traditional cold symtoms. started with very distinc, specific spot pain in throat. then mucus. then nasal itch.

    it is a horror. moves very slowly… and recurrs….

  47. Ginny Hague says:

    Ginny Says:
    I agree with bohawk (Jan 4, 2008) I also believe it is a conspiracy. I have this cold/virus thing with the same symptoms as all of you. I also live by a military base in Florida.
    Have any of you seen the Chemtrails over our skies? Read about them on web sites. I understand it is being done in every country, except China (our new world power.) We all know what China has been doing with our pet food, children’s toys, medications, and formaldehide in our clothing.
    But we still buy things from China and we ignore the Chemtrails.

  48. anne says:

    i’m in vancouver (Canada) and this the SAME THING i have! and i’m 16.
    i had scarlet fever and then went on a trip to london/koln/amsterdam/and romania..

    after i came back i just got SICK! and it keeps relapsing over and over! and it’s the same thing.. phlegm and it’s thick and gross and it’s got that weird taste/smell, fatigued, slightly feverish.. a terrible cough.. i’m still sick! i just recently got it again.

    what in the world is going on??

  49. Lisa says:

    It does recur. It seems to be the same thing coming back over and over.

  50. Gladys says:

    I’ve had it for a week! headaches, chills, chest pain, dizziness, fever on and off and the constant cough. I am a realtor and I feel I have to isolate my self so that I don’t give this nasty cold to anyone. The weird part with mine is that I sleep well at night, but it hits me during the day. My husband has had it for 3 weeks now and the cough just go away. He went to the doctor he got 5 pills to take for a week for the infection. I really don’t see they did any good. It seems that every year we get something worse the the year before.