Will the real TwentyMajor please stand up

… and say “cunt”. It appears there was a Twenty impostor at the blog drinkies last night. Plot getting thicker than the average comment poster on UI’s blog.

11 Responses to “Will the real TwentyMajor please stand up”

  1. Sinéad says:

    “Plot getting thicker than the average comment poster on UI’s blog.”


    I was there and I still reckon it was Twenty.

  2. EWI says:

    Plot getting thicker than the average comment poster on UI’s blog.

    Quote of the week…?

    I was there, too – like a couple of others who couldn’t find anyone, and then left!

  3. Colm says:

    I was there too and I can’t imagine that this guy went to the trouble of pretending to be someone else. Preposterous.

  4. frankp says:

    yeah, surely the most likely scenario, and the most clever one, would be that Twenty went along, possibly always intending to deny it later, or possibly just denied it for laughs or after seeing himself being described as “a sweetie”…

    Certainly the best way to get more PR! Not that I’m cynical…

    But what would I know, I wasn’t even there.

  5. Kevin says:

    Quote of the week…?

    Most definately. I’m sorry you couldn’t find us, I suspect I’d have enjoyed a conversation with your good self. Will we see you at the Blog Awards? I really doubt someone turned up pretending to be Twenty. The guy was too interesting to have to do stoop so low for some people to talk to.

  6. that girl says:

    yea I’m with Kevin – he was an all round really nice guy

  7. that girl says:

    lol – just read your initial reference to UI – nice one lol!

  8. Twenty Major says:

    See, here’s the thing. There are two possible scenarios.

    1 – The people who went to this are on a big wind-up.

    2 – There’s a fucking weirdo out there pretending to be Twenty Major. Whether he’s a nice guy or not he’s a fucking mentalist.

    Can any of you describe this ‘Twenty Major’ and tell me a little bit about what he said?

  9. EWI says:

    Thanks for that, Kevin – and likewise! On the Twenty-vs-imposter question, I reckon his ‘denials’ would be completely in character…

    (I’d gnaw my right arm off to get regular Internet access back at this moment. McDowell finally morphs into Senator Joe McCarthy)

  10. EWI says:

    …and Bush into Kim Il Sung.

    It’s a good thing that no-one mentioned Dickie Waghorne’s (alleged) former Commie sympathies while he was still over there, or else his FI ‘journalism’ would now be coming in the form of postcards from Gitmo.

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