Screw it. I’m off to see Sigur Ros again.

March 27th. Manchester Apollo. Anyone else interested in going?

6 Responses to “Screw it. I’m off to see Sigur Ros again.”

  1. that girl says:

    I’d be sorely tempted but after seeing them in Glasgow earlier in the year in a smoke filled, non air conditioned venue I think I’ll pass…

  2. Damien says:

    Seen them twice this year and twice last year. I think I’ll go anyway. Fuckity fuck about the smoking though. Grrr.

  3. Rowan says:

    Very much tempted. Still, with Ryanair included, it’s a fairly pricey gig. I’ve never seen them live, but your attendance record seems to say it’s more than worth it 🙂

  4. that girl says:

    Oh they are fantastic live…and if you haven’t seen them go…but the smoking thing really finished me off in Glasgow *sob*

  5. […] Damien is trying to round up people to go and see Sigur Ros in Manchester in March. Am sorely tempted and it’s the day before himself’s birthday so I could also notch up mucho brownie points. […]

  6. Rowan says:

    If you’re looking for a place to stay after the gig, you could try: