Dead .ie domains – On the third day will they rise again?

I already mentioned the Blacknight €30 ex vat .ie domain deal and they will be taking orders on the 3rd day of January. Looking at the list of deleted deleted .ie domains I saw quite a few which could be used to produced a cheap site which may get enough traffic to make some money from Google Ads. – I’m sure someone could come up with Amazon affiliate links and so forth to generate revenue for mothers’ day and birthday type presents. An editor’s choice type site which if it starts making money could eventually start selling its own products. – Google maps with cash machine locations. Add in paid placements and coupons for pubs in the area and you might make a meager bit of cash for a small bit of work.,, – We all have cars. Use you imagination. Should be able to make something out of this, again with little investment. – Is there a Froogle API yet? Froogle, Amazon, who else have APIs? An AJAX search box for something likr this would be sweet too. – Nuff said really. Again just an Amazon affiliate but with new content via a blog interface. This would be ideally run by people who are cultured and enjoy good books and marketed to people who desire to be cultured. Hardly any of us are big into literature. We’d happily buy or subscribe to someone else’s taste though. If this was run by someone like Sinéad I’d probably buy a lot of books. Without totally generalising America and Americans, this is what they do. They import their culture from other places. The middleman makes a killing. Look at Martha Stewart telling middle class people how to act like snobs. Perfect! No, you’re not a Martha Sinéad. – Excuse me while I take time out to say: WTF! What the hell is a computer bath? – Lots of begorrah, find your family name type stuff out there. Again, add in some Google maps stuff. Maybe the .ie part of the address could market it to appear more legit. – This would be perfect for rightwing Christian anti-contraception groups to use. – Share your homework online. Oh what a fuzz that would generate. 🙂 – Google maps, locations, sell skype minutes, sell ads for youth hostels etc. etc.

reviews.ieStructured blogging anyone?

What would also be interesting and perhaps JMCC could help out here, is to parse this list through an app to see what the page rank for the domain is as well as how many inbound links there are for the domains.

7 Responses to “Dead .ie domains – On the third day will they rise again?”

  1. Michele says:

    You can actually get an RSS feed of the deleted domains. There’s over 600 of them split into two groups.

  2. Rowan says:

    What’s the story with registration rules? The IEDR site seems to make it clear that you need to have a registered business name/trademark or at least stationary bearing the name. Are they strict? I have a smart-ass name I’d like to register on Jan 3rd.

  3. Ed Byrne says:

    Yep – you need a registered business name or stationary if you’re an NPO. And they are strict!

    Although, if you’re a big company they might let you bypass their policies, like and (no 2 letter domains, apparently!)

  4. Damien says:

    You can use your PPS number to get your Registered Business Number from

  5. Sinéad says:

    “No, you’re not a Martha Sinéad.”

    I bloody hope not Mr. Mulley.
    I often have a little daydream about owning a bookshop, but one with lots of dusty spines, tomes pilled up on the floor and a little bell that rings every time the door opens.
    Alas, the internet doesn’t cater for this kind of tangible nostalgia.

  6. Dermod Moore says:

    Thanks for that, Damien, just parked one of them myself for an idea I’ve had recently, bizarre that the domain that fits it perfectly was on the list. I don’t know if they are strict or not, they allowed me a few months ago with just a letter.

  7. Michele says:

    If you want an IE domain for “fun” you do not need an RBN. You can put it through under the personal > discretionary category.