Apple and notebooks for women -pah

Apple to release light-weight notebooks for the ladies? says engadget. You’ve lifted a baby right? They’re frickin heavy. Women can lift notebooks without hassle for god’s sake. Making them more stylish though I can agree with. I wonder how many women buy IBMs compared to mac laptops?

7 Responses to “Apple and notebooks for women -pah”

  1. Maman Poulet says:

    One wonders if they will be feminist laptops and what kind of feminist laptop they’ll be.

  2. Damien says:

    Made of leather and laced? Comes without any kind of strap? All ports won’t take male jacks?

  3. Maman Poulet says:

    ah lesbian notebooks then? goodie…

  4. Damien says:

    Are they not the same thing?

    *runs quite fast, in his flip flops*

  5. Maman Poulet says:

    Don’t fall there now dear…hate to think that you’d do yourself an injury! 😛

  6. auds says:

    I’ve an IBM Thinkpad laptop for ages and I love it.
    I love its blackness and the cute little red button instead of a mousepad slippy thing.
    And I also love how Audrey (played by Julianna Moore) in that film with Pierce Brosnan about Ireland and lawyers has one too – I shouted that out during the film in the cinema in what I thought was a whisper “She’s got my name and my laptop!”
    When this one dies (and it has little wrinkles and cracks as it gracefully approaches obscurity) I’m getting another thinkpad.

  7. Elana says:

    You were totally thinking of me writing this, weren’t you?