Off to watch Scoble

I managed to get a ticket to the afternoon session for the IT@Cork conference. Looking forward to Scobles presentation. Tom Raftery is liveblogging the IT@Cork event.

3 Responses to “Off to watch Scoble”

  1. Branedy says:

    I love this, only in Ireland, Cork Ireland do I hear about an IT conference the very day it happens.

    I’m only five miles away and never heard a thing. Not that I’m a Scoble fan, but I do read him sometimes.

    Anyway I’m in the middle of a systems test, that deploys this weekend. ;-((

  2. Damien says:

    During his presentation he did a search for blogs that were talking about the event. I became famous for a whole 14 seconds!

  3. TimTim says:

    Fame comes and goes quickly eh?