Survey Season: Chamber of Commerce says 3 out of 10 businesses tried and failed to upgrade to broadband

The Chambers of Commerce report on Broadband was released today. Some very interesting statistics which kind of enforce all the other recent surveys that were done. Full survey report (PDF) here.

  • Companies with Internet access 85%
  • Companies with Broadband Connection 29%
  • Companies with company Website 56%
  • Only 30% of companies who did not have access to the Internet said they were likely to connect to the Internet within the next 12 months.
  • While one in every two companies interviewed claimed to access the internet via broadband, when questioned further only 29% of firms had broadband enabled connections.
  • Couple this with the fact that ISDN usage has doubled in the past year and you gotta wonder who is selling all these people this awful product and saying it is broadband.

  • Three out of ten companies who had attempted an upgrade were unsuccessful. The lack of availability of the pertinent service in their area was the principal reason that companies failed to upgrade their connection.
  • Why they couldn’t upgrade:
    Service not available in my area: 63%
    Not compatible: 9%
    Didn’t work: 6%
    Too costly: 4%

  • Sales and marketing opportunities were the main benefits associated with a company website. It enabled companies to market to a larger audience in a cost effective manner. In terms of actual returns from websites, 44% of respondents said their website generated more sales (24%) and enquiries (22%).
  • Eircom is the dominant player in the SME business broadband provider market with a 77% market share, with its nearest rival, BT Broadband Services, only taking a 6% share.

One Response to “Survey Season: Chamber of Commerce says 3 out of 10 businesses tried and failed to upgrade to broadband”

  1. simon says:

    i have ISDN (i still don’t need) here but can’t get broadband as it has not been rolled out. If the government want more users. They better get their act together