iTunes to do Video, TV, Ogg and WMA ?

Huge speculation still but via iTunes Apple might just start selling TV Shows and other content via it’s iTunes store and use the AirPort Extreme product to stream it to your TV/Stereo. However the iPod will not become a video player but may support WMA and OGG files and maybe more if the new unused icons in Tiger are anything to go by.

There’s a thread about it on Slashdot where either an Apple insider or else a very clever Apple fan has been giving details. Some very intelligent commentary in that thread.

Also Playlist Mag mention that new Contacts and Calendar tabs show up in iTunes as well. Turning the iPod into more than just a pic viewer and music player. Still no radio though.

Cringely talks about OGG and WMA and seems to think there will be a video iPod.

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