launches – “Use our stuff to build your stuff.”

“Use our stuff to build your stuff.”

BBC Backstage looks to me like a Content SDK.


You can participate in BBC Backstage by either building an application or web-based prototype that uses BBC content or, if you have an idea to use BBC content in new ways, then write it up, preferably with some designs as to how it could ‘work’ and share it.

Ben Hammersly who works on this stated “it’s laying down the gauntlet for the rest of the world. It proves the point that on the internet, hiding your content is suicide. It says that you can either open up, and we can all flourish together; or you can remain closed, and die alone.”

A new standard has been set, I look forward to the way this will grow and flourish and change as more more people interact and collaborate with this service. This is the future of content sharing and distribution. ANd I always thought the Beeb were a conservative lot. Not so. Seems like the hippys have taken over. Far out maaaan.

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