PlanetOfTheBlogs kicking IrishBlogs Ass

Planet of the Blogs is kicking the ass now of But I’m just being biased as I have yet to be listed on IrishBlogs. I mustn’t meet their secret criteria for being paddy or something.

Meanwhile I’m enjoying the personal views of many in the Irish bloggersphere. Should we start calling it the boggersphere or the eiresphere or some other nasty word ?

Lots of the blogs and journals are awash with comments from Gerry Adams yesterday and the upcoming general elections in the North and UK. This election will be enchanced by the Guardian site on the election and it’s aggregating of blogs that talk politics. The UK also has the excellent Channel 4 factchecker which could sorely be used here and there are also TheyWorkForYou and Public whip. We need something like that before Bertie and co go for re-election.

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