Google is now a domain registrar

Welcome fellow Register Readers to the Rife Speculation post about Google. Nice of them to Link to me.Blacknight my hosting provider are bracing themselves in case of a traffic surge. Google isn’t that interesting though is it ? 🙂

List of Registrars

Registrar no. 895 – Google Inc.

And now begin the rumours. Some say it’s just to stop people from knowing what the next product will be by preventing people from getting domain info but maybe there’s more..

People are talking about individual things. What I think they could do is now roll-out a whole all-in-one suite. Google could offer Geocities like webspace for your domain, tie it into GMail to look after mail for the domain and use tools like Blogger and Picassa for updating your website ? The more information of yours they handle the better for them and all sites would naturally run their Adsense system.

Google already has Adsense for parked domains and I’m sure would love to have Adsense on even more domains.

Another additional thing is that if GMail handled your domain’s email it would mean that the DomainKeys system for blocking spam would get a major boost and already GMail is using this system. With the power of Google pushing for this as well as Yahoo it could really hurt the spam terrorists.

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