answering texts

Got a few txts of late. Think I’ll reply to them here as I don’t have to pay for the pleasure and theres not a character limit for my character assasination.

text 1: I got one txt giving me a hug “even though you don’t like me anymore”

Ooooh, clever. Make it out to be somehow my fault that you are a lying cheating manipulative weasel. I don’t know of many people that could keep liking someone thats lied so much to them, cheated on their best friends more than once, tried to act the victim nonstop by giving puppy dog eyes and acted innocent when all fault was theirs.

I don’t have time to waste in my life putting up with people like that and then suffer the fallout all around me because I know this person. Its a pity I was so damned blind for so long but I guess while I come across as a cynical bastard I still have lots of faith in humanity.

This time I was wrong, its not my first time being wrong and its far from my last time. This doesn’t mean I’m losing faith though. Humanity is still great and the majority of the people will do good not bad.

Its not like I got seriously fucked over though. Thank god. Although karma probably owes me one of them from my own past behaviour. Its a pity I wasted so much emotional energy on one person. Still I’d do it again. Bring it on.

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