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So can I get into the top ten for the search result for Damien ? I’m no. 1 for Mulley which is great but I want top ten for Damien too. What an ego boost for this already huge ego. Would that mean I’d be one fo the most popular damiens on the web ? Heh. And yet the readership for this blog is very small.

Okay, maybe I’ll make mulley.info the big Damien test website.

Been reading more of Tom Coates website too and he had a good piece about the distribution of gay teenagers.

I left a comment about it and I’ll reprint it here:::

I live in Ireland and the whole sexuality in schools never came up. We’re still forced with catholicism in schools mostly and as a teen who was questioning his sexuality in school having the school not mention anything but heterosexuality in religion class or other subjects was hard.

It was all “lets talk about guys liking girls and girls liking guys. ”

Its pretty much still the same and guys and girls are afraid to come out. Schools are meant to educate and get us ready for society and when it comes to sexuality they are ignoring a lot of peoples needs.

I also know that they are refusing to let gay organisations in to talk to students.

I’m no longer a teen although I still try and retain my teenage angst 🙂 . I’m pretty well sorted now in life but from various gay discussion forums in Ireland gay teens are still pretty saddened by schools views on sexuality.

I’ve decided with some others to put up a website dedicated to Teenage Sexuality issues. I’ve talked to other Gay Adult Support groups and they are all afraid to broach the subject too. Theres a great website for kids in Northern Ireland – http://www.glyni.org.uk and I hope to create a resource as good as theirs.

As for what Richard commented about tax dollars. If the education program of the school matches and/or exceeds what the government stipulates a school has to carry out then it should not matter who attends the school, be it race ,physical appearance, religion or sexuality. Education is a basic human right. A lot of these schools are passionate about looking after their pupils and are moreso than some ordinary school who have burned out teachers. So schools founded cos they really give a damn should be welcomed. Its a good use of tax dollars isn’t it ?

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