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Its about time we made our politicians work for us. Was talking to Adam Beecher before and I was thinking about a website that allowed you to contact your local TD and senator when a new law was being voted or some campaign needed their support.

The idea would be that you could email and fax your TD from a website and demand them listen to you as you are someone in their voting area.

It’d be handy if you could ahve a listings of upcoming votes and laws etc and so you could prepare in advance. Okay shit, I’m not wording this correctly and might re-edit this later. The idea would be something like the FaxYourMP website that exists in the UK.

Faxes cost a fuckload in this country actually so there might be some sort of premium sms number that could be used to allow you to send the fax. Hmmm, that leads to other interesting ideas.

Maybe we should make all faxes to our TDs free for non-commercial faxes. They don’t read their fucking email anyway thats for sure. Maybe they’ll read the faxes. Time and money again for this idea. I’d set it up and have it running if I could take time off work to get it going. Hmmmzzz

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2 Responses to “damien sez Irish Politics”

  1. senan says:

    check out http://www.politics.ie, its got pnone numbers and e-mail address for every td and senate in the state. it is currently compiling info. on all councillors and meps aswell.

  2. damien says:

    Already talked to the owner ages and ages ago.