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Damiens camera idea

Monday, September 8th, 2003

I recently bought two very cheap digital cameras from the gadget shop in Birmingham airport. They fit on a keyring. Teeny tiny things they be.

Anyway, they actually record 30 seconds of video as well. They are shit cool. They hold 20 pictures too.

I was thinking of some sort of wearable button or badge sized version of this that takes pics every 5 seconds and stores them. Say it records 5 minutes of this before it starts overwriting a picture taken 5-10 mins ago (all memory size dependent). Before it overwrites though it takes two snapshots from this time slice and stores them in another part of memory, which we’ll call MemoryB. (maybe it also adds a timestamp )

MemoryB would then store in order (oldest first) pics taken at slightly random intervals. At the end of the day you could download either via a usb connection or bluetooth a whole reel of pics from the day and these could be uploaded as a daily pictorial to a website.

The thing with the random pics and the cam is you cannot see what was taken until they are transferred across so its very random and unrehearsed too.

The button is also non-intrusive to yourself and the people you are snapping. I’m sure it would make an interesting memory jog for the user as well as a glimpse of stuf you might not normally notice.

The reason for a 5-10 minute memory is in case something unusual/strange/criminal/newsworthy happens and you can store this for download. This amount of time could be increased depending on the ability to make the memory small enough to fit on a button and share the space with all the other digital cam stuff. You might also have bluetooth so this can be transfered to a camera and uploaded to a website as the newa happens.

So there …

damien don’t need no bookmarks

Monday, September 8th, 2003

I’ll just post some links here instead that I can look at later:

damien sez Irish Politics

Sunday, September 7th, 2003

Oh christ he is posting more …

Yeah yeah. Anyway ..

Its about time we made our politicians work for us. Was talking to Adam Beecher before and I was thinking about a website that allowed you to contact your local TD and senator when a new law was being voted or some campaign needed their support.

The idea would be that you could email and fax your TD from a website and demand them listen to you as you are someone in their voting area.

It’d be handy if you could ahve a listings of upcoming votes and laws etc and so you could prepare in advance. Okay shit, I’m not wording this correctly and might re-edit this later. The idea would be something like the FaxYourMP website that exists in the UK.

Faxes cost a fuckload in this country actually so there might be some sort of premium sms number that could be used to allow you to send the fax. Hmmm, that leads to other interesting ideas.

Maybe we should make all faxes to our TDs free for non-commercial faxes. They don’t read their fucking email anyway thats for sure. Maybe they’ll read the faxes. Time and money again for this idea. I’d set it up and have it running if I could take time off work to get it going. Hmmmzzz

More from Damien later….

Damien – 104th result in Google

Sunday, September 7th, 2003

So can I get into the top ten for the search result for Damien ? I’m no. 1 for Mulley which is great but I want top ten for Damien too. What an ego boost for this already huge ego. Would that mean I’d be one fo the most popular damiens on the web ? Heh. And yet the readership for this blog is very small.

Okay, maybe I’ll make the big Damien test website.

Been reading more of Tom Coates website too and he had a good piece about the distribution of gay teenagers.

I left a comment about it and I’ll reprint it here:::

I live in Ireland and the whole sexuality in schools never came up. We’re still forced with catholicism in schools mostly and as a teen who was questioning his sexuality in school having the school not mention anything but heterosexuality in religion class or other subjects was hard.

It was all “lets talk about guys liking girls and girls liking guys. ”

Its pretty much still the same and guys and girls are afraid to come out. Schools are meant to educate and get us ready for society and when it comes to sexuality they are ignoring a lot of peoples needs.

I also know that they are refusing to let gay organisations in to talk to students.

I’m no longer a teen although I still try and retain my teenage angst 🙂 . I’m pretty well sorted now in life but from various gay discussion forums in Ireland gay teens are still pretty saddened by schools views on sexuality.

I’ve decided with some others to put up a website dedicated to Teenage Sexuality issues. I’ve talked to other Gay Adult Support groups and they are all afraid to broach the subject too. Theres a great website for kids in Northern Ireland – and I hope to create a resource as good as theirs.

As for what Richard commented about tax dollars. If the education program of the school matches and/or exceeds what the government stipulates a school has to carry out then it should not matter who attends the school, be it race ,physical appearance, religion or sexuality. Education is a basic human right. A lot of these schools are passionate about looking after their pupils and are moreso than some ordinary school who have burned out teachers. So schools founded cos they really give a damn should be welcomed. Its a good use of tax dollars isn’t it ?

Mass Amateurism

Sunday, September 7th, 2003

Go read this about Weblogs and Mass Amateurisation of the web and everything else. As tools to make us more creative become cheap or free and readily available will we start using the other sid eof our brains more and will the online race and then the offline world become more expressive and free thinking ? Kinda ironic that when free speech is being smothered offline by some oprresive western regimes we are in fact becoming more expressive online.

They’re clamping down on the fiel sharers and the riaa is polluting networks like kazaa but the technology is already changing to stop them doing this with checksums and ratings on the validity of songs being downloaded. They’re suing individuals for downloading songs now and the latest is they are offering an amnesty for downloaders.

The trouble is that their remedy is crap. They have to prevent and not cure. People have gotten into the habit of downloading and sharing. So if you sour the milk in the bottle people are just going to build another way of distribution and the masses will move there. The RIAA will forever be playing catch up.

Highly Susceptible to Erroneous Information

Saturday, September 6th, 2003


We’re all fucking sheep and we’re Highly Susceptible to Erroneous Information.

I read that phrase and thought that its so true. We really do believe what we are told in the media. We don’t seem to have time to sit down and investigate what the media says to us. Do we believe everything we see and read in newspapers on radio and on television ? We seem to do the same for websites too.

Would we believe some random stranger telling us stuff though ? Seems to me just because newspapers and tvs are in the home a lot we have given them a much higher level of trust. Thats not a good thing.

I’d love to see some sort of integrity thing going where a newspaper and even a radio station would be required to put everything they publish online and there would be a commentary section for each article where people can go and comment on how accurate the information is.

Then some independent organisation can check the website and give the paper an overall integrity rating.

Might even start a pet project to go through all the main stories on the main irish newspapers and see how accurate the information is.

It’d be cool if you could bring about a voluntary code of practice for newspaper websites so that they will try their best to make sure the information is accurate but if someone posts that the info is not accurate they will make the appropriate changes.

Damn. Before I started this entry I was not thinking about that but something else. Rapid thought evolution. Heh.

More ideas and rants later.

on the whole straight acting thing

Saturday, September 6th, 2003

Straight Acting. Yes the term bugs me. Its used by gay men who seem to have a problem being gay. To me when someone says they are “straight acting” I read it as “yes I’m gay but I’m not one of THEM , I’m not a fag or a queer or some girly man”

Fucks sake, its this self imposed fragmentation of the gay defintion thats doing harm. People think of gay men and think of some uber camp handbag toting hairdresser who is more feminine than your mammy and to help quash this ignorant stereotype what happens ? Gay men agree with it and try and serparate themselves from these fem boys by calling themselves straight acting.

What these beer swilling rugby playing “yeah footballs great” , crotch scratching masculine boys should be doing is not breaking away from the group but staying in the group and fucking over ignorant stereotypes.

Theres absolutely nothing wrong with fem guys at all, yet straight acting seems to imply there is. Gay people get discriminated enough already besides having gay men believe and enforce stereotypes.

Straight acting also implies ACTING.

” Wow Paul you could win an oscar there they way you walk like every other guy and your voice isn’t high pitched”

“Cheers man yeah, it was a hard task and I had a ‘straight coach’ help me on how to walk and not mince about and I never knew until I took this role that its not the norm to carry a handbag. I think I have a very good chance at the next gay oscars but my main competition was this guy who played a rugby player but who was gay. He is also in with a good chance as you know how hard and tough rugby is for someone that gets manicures”

Arghhhhh, Theres no acting in the way I walk and talk. “But you don’t look Gay” and this is said and I used to take it as a compliment. Maybe it should be rephrased to be “Jesus its great you are secure enough in your sexuality to not believe the stereotype and ‘assume the position’ so to speak and become that hairdresser and increase the pitch of your voice and turn your wrists muscles into rubber ”

Gee thanks.

Seriously lads and lassies, you are doing our community a great disservice by using the term straight acting.

Okay, its time to shut the fuck up now, but these are my views. Theres also a very good webpage I just found as I finished this rant. The webpage is also about the defintion of Straight Acting

pictures make the site pretty

Friday, September 5th, 2003



Well its topical and colourful !

2 more website ideas

Friday, September 5th, 2003

As ever I have a few more website ideas. Yes I know I have enough to do evolving this Mulley website and also doing the Mulley Genealogy website AND the Gay Teenage resource website but if I manage my time wisely I can do it. One idea is going to definetly happen. Its called The Dodgy List.

I used to post a lot of links to websites which contained lots of female eye candy on the Illuminati forum on boards. I get a lot of these links from a work colleague who gets them from his friends who .. etc.

Anyyyyyyyyyyyyways I don’t post on boards anymore but I do still want to pass all these links to my friends. So I was thinking of setting up a weblog like website where people can post their links and also maybe upload some scantidly clad pics as well.

I’m thinking blog cos it automagically creates rss feeds so people can just aggregate the website. It’d be handy too thought if it could be dumped out to a mailing list as well.

Something like boingboing does.

The other idea is a Information sharing thingy with possibly an Irish Twist. A kind of “anyone know where I can find ..” “anyone know how many” etc. Its only forumulating in my head at the moment but its probably going to be another blog/webforum thingy with an rss and email feed.

Must have a look at whats out there to compare.

Ooooh another idea is something which came out of the All Things Retro forum about sweets and chocs from days go=ne by and where you can purcahse them.

It’s be cool if I could gather together a list of everyones old time fav sweets and then give them each a webpage that lists where you can buy these sweets still.

Have a pics too of the shops you can get them from. With the rise of camera phones and all that it should become more frequent to have people take the pics.

More later. Stay tuned folks !

Holy Schmoly Google

Thursday, September 4th, 2003

Seems when you type in mulley into Google this site comes up first and the Mulley Genealogy website comes up in the top ten as well. I’m pretty happy with this.

I better start work on the .org website now. 🙂