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I don’t believe in perfection but thats what I seem to want

Thursday, January 22nd, 2004

Asked by text what my ideal guy is I listed a long list. Probably an impossible list. I don’t believe anyone is perfect but I think we should all strive and yearn for perfection. Those that try and make themselves better are closer to this than others I think. (these are my current thoughts right now )

Maturity: has to be relaxed and cool about the world and cool about being in a relationship but at the same time needs to be fun and wild and immature in ways. Too much of each is not good, although more mature that immature.

Honesty: I can’t stand those that lie and are dishonest. I prefer people that are totally upfront and honest. Why hide what you have done and what you really are ? Thats what dishonesty is to me. I respect those that are totally honest. Its hard to be like that thought with society still being so judgemental so those that give the two fingers to society are cool in my books.

Argumentitive: Someone who can tell me to shut the fuck up and that I’m wrong. Not someone that argues just cos its fun althought thats ok at times. Someone that can argue something and argue it well and even make me change my mind about something. They too have to give in and accept the views of others and be able to change their beliefs if shown a good reason for doing so.

Educating:Someone who can teach me something new. I like to learn and find out about new things. Someone who will happily be patient enough to show me new things and answer my questions about something I know nothing about. As usual they do should be willing to learn from me.

Passionate: About life, about living, about love and about me. Someone that can express and show their emotions. Someone that knows what their emotions are.

Intelligent: Clever enough to know lots about everything and humble enough to admit they lack knowledge about some things and wish to know more, or state that they are not interested in knowing more about some things.

Good Looking: Yes, I want someone thats good looking too. And really its not shallow to want someone I think is cute. Trying to describe what I think is cute is another matter. My tastes have varied widly. I had arguments with friends about some people I liked who they thought were dogs and the same people then agreed with me on others I liked. Eclectic music, electic taste in guys.

The thing that you can’t describe: The magic, the wow factor, just something about them that makes you think “God yes” and you don’t know why. The unknown part in the overall equation. The chaotic function.

So after reading that list do you really think its too much to ask for ? Course it is.

Physical and the Mental

Thursday, January 22nd, 2004

I’ve been getting lots of mental stimulation lately which is all good but I think the body needs some physical work too. I swear, I promise I’m going to hit that gym Monday after work and start to make my muscles ache. I’m gonna be a good boy ma. I will I swear.

I’m going to couple that with being more open with my emotions. Although I’m still going to be Mr Conservative and take my time figuring out what they are. I seem to like people a lot for a while and then either reality hits and I start seeing their negative side or I just lose interest. Theres been a few guys now who have great qualities and I liked and then it just turned into respect. Respect is good, but I wish it was more, but its not. *sigh*


Thursday, January 22nd, 2004

When I go to sleep at night I have the green glow from my bedside clock on one side, a green glow on the other side from a glow in the dak radioactive keyring. The wall opposite the end of the bed has 2 foot high red digits projected on it from the beside clock. And my electric toothbrush on my desk flashes a lovely blue light as it rechrages.

All very pretty in a way.

Soundtrack to my life

Thursday, January 22nd, 2004

Listening to the soundtrack of Avalon at the moment. This is what impressed me most about the movie. The movie is okay, some lovely cinematography but the music makes it.

Another song thats getting fame because of a Guinness ad is HeyDay by Mic Christopher. It deserved attention sooner than this though. But at least Mic will be remembered more now.

heyDay Lyrics:

Hey Day
waited for the sun
for the light
for the right
and for the masters
oh we come to be kind
to be warm here and after
we’ve been out but we’re back
cause we’re graced in these matters
and we ride
and we did a little love
but we walk
we make a sound for the messed up
make a little call
to the right
to the ball
to the messed up and we
we fool around now and again
we’re looking good but just as friends
and this is our heyday, baby
and we’re not gonna be afraid to shine
cause we can make our heyday last forever
and ain’t that what it’s all about
oh living in out own terrible way
when we lack a little love
but a sign
this sign
I get a little messed up
making up the rules
for the chimes
making up minds
and making it last us
cause we live alone
and now we’re grown
and we know what we’re after
and we’ll ride and we
we fool around now and again
we’re looking good but just as friends
(don’t be afraid to shine)
and this is our heyday, baby
and we’re not gonna be afraid to shine
cause we can make our heyday last forever
and ain’t that what it’s all about
we fool around now and again
we’re looking good but just as friends
so we have ourselves a break
and when we’re done
and we come to our senses
and we’ll ride
oh then we’ll ride
cause this is our heyday, baby
this is our heyday, baby
this is our heyday, baby

The way to become boring is to say everything.

Thursday, January 22nd, 2004

Its a Voltaire quote. Sometimes letting others speak is good.

John Perry Barlow makes a post on his blog here about Spalding Grays Suicide. In his post he has put in words that I have been thinking about for a while but was unable to condense it down into something readable by others.

Heres an exerpt:

“Among the beliefs that he and I shared was a conviction that making public the intimately personal is a revolutionary act in an atomized society where many feel compelled to play so close to the chest that they can’t read their own cards. Being emotionally naked before strangers extends to them a permission for self-revelation they badly need if they are to loosen the shackles of their own quiet desperations. It is a blow against the pursuit of loneliness. ”

One word.: Wow.

Another Weekend

Tuesday, January 20th, 2004

Yet another weekend away from home. Away this weekend up the country, then Glasgow the next weekend. Thank god Friday is payday.

I really need to keep my finances in check though. I have 30 unread books and around 25 unwatched dvds at home from going mad with the creditcard. I think I have enough to get me through the next year at least. I just need to organise the time to do this.

I also have a pile pf printouts on some good stuff like Online Identity, the Power of Weblogs, Emergent Democracy and I have a friends final paper for college to go through.

Was also thinking that an Irish Version of BoingBoing might be workable. Will start making calls to people that I think would be good contributors soon.

Ribs today for lunch. Mmmmmmmm.

Early Christmas List

Monday, January 19th, 2004

I want:

1) A press complaints commission like they have in the UK. So that when some “journalist” on the radio is either kissing some companies ass ir is totally biased whatever reason they can be brought to task.

2) A consumer affairs group that has balls. Take IrelandOffline and give it fangs and a deeper growl. Someone to abuse the shit out of those wankers in Comreg and Eircom. There are good people in Comreg that want change I would guess but right now the fuckwits are ruling the roost.

3) Some Gay Rights Group. Not something like Outrage in the UK but a group that will back you up if you are being discriminated against. The Equality Authority does good granted but its nice to have someone in your corner to give you support.

This is my truth, tell me yours…

Friday, January 16th, 2004

Its amazing how some people believe their own lies and suddenly history is rewritten. Some people really don’t like their own lives do they ?

Back from London

Friday, January 16th, 2004

London once again impressed me. The last time I was over there was 2 years ago and I saw a bit more of it this time. I’ll be going back again soon I think.

The city or Metropolis as Kevin called it is full of beautiful buildings and the people are actually quite friendly for a city of its size. Theres a massive amount of culture in London and England itself seems to care about it. Maybe the average joe soap doesn’t give too much thought but governments and organisations such as the BBC do. Moreso I think than Ireland. Nothing in comparison to the Icelanders who all seem to care about culture.


Went to the Tate Modern and the Saatchi Gallery. The Weather Project was pretty cool. Set inside the giant turbine hall you can lie on the ground and stare up at the “sky” which is a ceiling with mirrors that seem to move slightly.

The Tate is huge and has a fuckload of contemporary art, some good, some utter shit and some fantastic. However for me I enjoyed the Saatchi Gallery more. Some good Damien Hirst stuff and theres this picture of Myra Hindley by Marcus Harvey thats unnerving. Its her famous black and shite police photo and its made up of black and white kids handprints. Theres also fab lifelike works by Ron Muek

The London Eye is also impressive and the Millenium Bridge. All in all its a lovely place and their transport system is so efficient and so easy. If Dublin had decided back in the 60s to build an underground like London it would be a different city today. It would be more internationally known and respected.

London Burning

Monday, January 12th, 2004

Off to London for a few days. Go me.