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Hello BBC readers (again)

Tuesday, October 11th, 2005

The BBC talks about blogs and marketing scum in a story on their site. Specifically it talks about some utter fucktard (isn’t that a great word?) who commented on a post that the venerable Tom Coates wrote on the immensely personal subject of his estranged father. The fucktard in question was fictional, a character used to market a cleaning product that sounded like something one would be charged to perform on a girl in a brothel.

People call these new guerilla marketing stunts “viral” marketing. A wart is a virus isn’t it? So is herpes? It is vile marketing more than viral marketing.

Anyways… there’s a link to a post on my site with the link text public-spiritedness. Cheers BBC!

Yahoo! Blog search kind of almost is better than Google Blog Search

Tuesday, October 11th, 2005

Yesterday Yahoo! brought out their podcast section and gave iTunes serious competition. Today Yahoo brings out their Blog search which is integrated with Yahoo! News Search. Yahoo! says the results include blogs, Flickr photos and My Web links. But Tom Raftery pointed out some flaws, big ones really:

the blog search results are hidden away in a sidebar of the main results on the right hand side of the page. This is the part of many web pages which contains ads and consequently is ignored subconsciously by most users.

Yup, they do look like ads. Shame really. Surely they could integrate them into the main results in some way?

Speaking of Yahoo, via Jeremy Zawodny comes information that kids really don’t use Yahoo at all. Google is it for them along with MySpace and FaceBook. Murdoch’s purchase may have been worth it after all.

Nathan Weinberg points out that Google has brought in tagging of a sort:

Google has silently added a Bookmarks feature to My Search History, enabling you to quickly tag and comment any web page you’ve visited.

There is also an auto-complete ability for tags. Trés handy.

Blog posts in Google Results

Tuesday, October 11th, 2005

I was doing a search for Chris Pirillo so I could link to his blog post on when Google returned the results displayed below: ChrisPirilloGoogle1.jpg

Quite interesting. Never saw this before, well at least not in this format. Blog Post Titles displayed as links. Is this new or am I just not with the times? Doesn’t seem to work when I do searches for other big bloggers.

Anyways doth rock.

Justice Department Censors Supreme Court Quote

Monday, October 10th, 2005

Thank God we’re not as bad as the states yet: Justice Department Censors Supreme Court Quote.

Though we still have high levels of poverty like America.

Research has found that up to 120,000 Irish children are living in consistent poverty.

Also, Via Freestater: Carole Coleman talks more about her famous Bush interview.

Ads in RSS – Thoughts

Monday, October 10th, 2005

I notice more and more of the sites I’m reading via Bloglines are injecting ads into their RSS feeds. Some I’m fine with, others I do not like at all and am getting to the stage where I will hit the unsubscribe button. There are plenty of other sites out there now with good content. Gone are the days when content rich sites about niche topics were rare. The new world web is improving on depth and quality. It will be harder for sites to keep me there, one way to PFO me is to harass me with very disruptive ads.

[Apologies for the shit image quality, only noticed it after I uploaded.]

BoingBoing has ads which aren’t that bad, but I think this is because the average amount of text per post on the site allows a better view. If there were less text per post it would be awful as the same ad is repeated nonstop. I was getting peeved with the ads for A History of Violence of late. Guys, if you only have one ad, do you need to repeat it 20 times in one RSS river? Surely the one ad would suffice?


Engadget have ads too but they are text ads. They’re unobtrusive too. A nice “sponsored by” at the end of every post. Again though after reading it 20 times in one RSS river it becomes annoying but is less annoying than every other ad form I’ve seen out there, so far.


Coolhunting is another offender. It can quite piss off my eyes and brain when I see the same ad in the feed view every few centimeters. Added to that is the adbundance of photos that they use in every post, which when you ad image ads to the RSS river, you get a very busy, cluttered and confusing view. Text ads would work so much better in this case.


The worst offender right now is Slate Magazine. In fariness the posts are only summaries of the stories, not the stories themselves. The ads are bigger than the text most of the time! Awful.


So, what should be done with ads in RSS? Personally I don’t want to see them but that will never happen for a site owner that wants to make money. So, if they were to do them. I think there should be a few rules.

  • If you have only one image ad, then space it out to every 4 or 5 posts.
  • I’d prefer to see posts which have categories to have category “sponsored by” text ads.
  • If you insist on image ads then have some script that does a word count and if a post has less than x words, an ad does not get tacked on. If you have 3 short posts then you’d be allowed to tack on an ad then.
  • You could also do what Kevin Kelly does, reviews good meaningful products and link to them via an Amazon Associates link, one book review a day would work, or whatever frequency you do reviews. Just make sure they are genuine reviews of things you like.

Digital Rights Ireland – Teaser trailer

Monday, October 10th, 2005

SiliconRepublic today did a profile of Digital Rights Ireland. Digital Rights Ireland is the result of a few people looking for an Irish EFF.

Exciting times are ahead.


  • Name will be Digital Rights Ireland.
  • Organisation will promote, defend, educate and campaign on civil liberties in a digital age.
  • Non-profit company being set-up and articles of Association etc currently being registered with Companies Office.
  • Founding members combine legal, technological and public advocacy expertise.
  • Statement of intent to be issued at TechCamp but will launch at subsequent date.
  • Web site under construction.
  • International aspect: will link with groups like Edri and Privacy International.

The Directors of this organisation are: Bernie Goldbach, Colm MacCarthaigh, Damien Mulley, Antoin O Lachtnain and TJ McIntyre – Chairman.

If you are interested in helping out or want to keep informed on what DRI are doing then subscribe to the mailing list here:

Yahoo adds Image RSS Feeds | Getting things done.

Sunday, October 9th, 2005

ResearchBuzz notes that Yahoo has released RSS feeds of their image slideshows. Another step past Google. Google really is slow to bring about RSS feeds of search results, news items and so on. I wonder why? Lost Ad revenue?

Networking on the Network. Nice guide.

The 10 Secrets of a Master Networker. Spotting a trend?

Finding Your Calling. Good tips. Kind of why I’m now a Law student. Civil rights campaigning here I come. 🙂

How to Make a Complete Map of Every Thought You Think. Mind maps.

How to Make Your Speaking Easier and More Effective.

Clinton had one of his balls stolen – funny pic

Sunday, October 9th, 2005 reported on Clinton�s bronze golf ball stolen from Kerry sculpture. But have a look at the damned picture, doesn’t look like a pic of someone taking a piss?


Yeah, I’ll go hide behind my keyboard now.

Where are the Polish Bloggers in the Irish ‘sphere?

Sunday, October 9th, 2005

Lots and lots of stories about the numbers of “non-nationals” living in Ireland of late especially that of the number of Polish people in Ireland. There does seem to be a lot of Polish people about. There’s now a Polish TV show on new Dublin TV station, a new Dublin to Warsaw Bus Route, there are posters for the Polish Presidential election around Dublin and Irish Eagle reported on a Newsweek Article about the Polish in Ireland which gave the impression they endure quite a shock when they get here. No streets paved with gold.

Even in Cork we have Polish taxi drivers, who refrshingly don’t talk about the bloody immigrants coming into our country stealing our dole or other nefarious crap and we have Polish bars in Cork – one on Albert Quay and one in the basement of a bar on MacCurtain Street.

So where are the Polish Bloggers in the Irish boggersphere? 🙂 Are they too busy doing the work that us nouveau riche Paddys refuse to do, now that we have an extra few shillings a week? Surely we should be seeing a Polish section on or even being added to Mr. Breslin’s expanding empire? A .pl domain costs about 50 Euros

It would be good to see the views of these new future citizens, especially on their take on Ireland and the Irish. Irish people are biased and we cannot judge our culture or our attitudes to others fairly. We’re part of the system and it is hard to stand outside and be critical. So says Edward T. Hall anyway.

It irks me at times when Irish people demand that new citizens/migrant workers/refugees need to adhere to our laws and our culture. Culture changes and cultural change cannot be governed. Bringing new views and attitudes and new blood to this country is good. Just like the Irish strongly influenced the culture of the UK and the USA, these new visitors to our shores are going to change our culture. Cuchulainn couldn’t fight the sea, Irish people can’t keep their Irish culture from changing.

It’d be good to get an insight into the current views of those moving to Ireland and working for and with the Irish. Bring on the Polish, Nigerian, Estonian and Philipino bloggers!

Maximising Adsense Revenue – Here’s a few thoughts

Sunday, October 9th, 2005

Michele was talking about making AdSense work on web forums and how hard it is to get regulars to click on ads because they are so used to the site they are just about blind to AdSense. Michele talks about a method used by some of interfering with the river of information in a thread by juxtapositioning ads between posts in a thread.

To me that is just being rude and just a way to trip up and ignorantly disrupt viewing a thread. It would inspire me to just write a greasemonkey script to block the ads.

What I think may work instead is something like an AdSense Ad mixed in with Google Suggest, which brings you to a site search page.

So, on a forum where someone talks about their XP font size issue, they see an Ad from Google stating “Search Google for XP Font Size issues” which brings you to a nice results page with a few Ads. You get a cut of those ads. An example below for a DVD search:


Importantly enough I think they have to say they are Google links since Google is almost a guarantee of quality. As well as ads they are quite a handy tool for those looking for information. So why not make money from those people who can’t find what they’re looking for from your site?

In fact search results too for VBulletin forums and the like should have this as the default. Results from VBulletin lined up with results from Google or an option to “Try Google for the same search.” To me this would be far less intrusive and would be a genuine way of helping users of your site.