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Foursquare Dublin advertising in action

Thursday, December 3rd, 2009

Logged into Foursquare today and noticed I got a local ad/special offer:


When you click through:


People were wondering how Foursquare would make money and how businesses could use Foursquare for business. So you pay Foursquare for you to reward repeat customers or potentially new customers. See other post on Foursquare. I look forward to Irish Foursquare apps too.

Additional note: Expect to see more stuff like this photo of Cafés saying they’re on Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare. Kanum on Mespill Road already mention in their pamphlets that they’re on Facebook.

iPhone and iPod Touch Apps to use in Ireland

Monday, November 30th, 2009

For those giving and getting iPhones and iPod Touches from Santa and elsewhere, here are a few apps to have a look at. also contain an impressive list of Irish-made apps. Not being big into games, I’ve gone for more utility apps.

1. Encyclopedia Wikipedia App
Encyclopedia Wikipedia App for iPhone. Made by Patrick Collison. Costs €6.99. Allows you to view and search the whole of Wikipedia on the iPhone/iPod Touch with and without an Internet connection.

2. Shazam – Guess that tune iPhone style
Shazam is simple. Put the phone near the radio and it’ll tell you the song playing and you and you can go buy it.

3. eirtext – Use your free webtexts directly on your iPhone/iPod Touch
Made by Vinny Coyne, eirtext is an Irish App allowing you to use the free Webtexts from Irish mobile providers via your phone.

4. Flickr App – Upload your photos and see what others have
Upload photos from your iPhone to photo sharing site Flickr. Stamp GPS coordinates on the photos and also see other photos taken in the location you’re in.

5. Echofon – Nice Twitter interface on your iPhone/iPod Touch
Allows you to use Twitter on your iPhone. Really handy application. Easy interface.

6. Evernote – Information taking and retrieval
Evernote is a document management system, a note taking application and more. Take a pic, it converts it to text. Add notes to it. It synchs with their website and your desktop if needs be.

7. Facebook
Everything on Facebook except on the iPhone. Very powerful and simple to use.

8. Daft Layar – Snoop on local houseprices
See details about houses around you for sale or rent with this Layar app. Whip out the iPhone and as you look through it via the camera then you can see notes, photos and videos tagged on to buildings and streets. This uses Augmented reality to show off the data (adds links and notes as you look through the screen with the camera).

9. Irish Phonebook
Irish Phone Book. All phone numbers in Ireland, all on your phone. Free and pro versions. €2.39 for pro.

10. Dublin Bus app
Nice app to find our routes and timetables for Dublin Buses. €2.99 to buy.

11. iPhone app
Concerts, events, TV and movies. The Entertain me app is very handy for finding listings and then connecting to the venues to make a booking. Location aware too.

12. Phantom 105.2 radio app
Phantom, one of the best radio stations in Ireland with some superb music choices now has an iPhone app so you can listen to their web stream from your iPhone or iPod Touch.

13. Skype
Make and receive Skype calls on you iPhone. Crystal clear phonecalls and they can be done for free when you are in a WiFi zone.

14. Foursquare
New to Ireland, Foursquare is building up a healthy following worldwide. Right now a consumer application, it will become more interesting when businesses in Ireland start to use it.

15. Dublin Bikes Layar
Despite the Dublin Bikes people banning a previous app about this. This app is here to use. It uses augmented reality to show off data.

16. WiFiTrak
Via James Cridland is WiFiTrak, a way of searching for open WiFi networks and seeing can you connect to the net via them. Picks up more networks than the iPhone scanner. €0.79 for it.

Way way more out there to put on your iPhone too. Add your own to this list.

Software as a service workshops

Friday, November 27th, 2009

Got this via email:

it@Cork, ITAG and ISA in association with Enterprise Ireland would like to invite you to a workshop entitled ‘Managing your SaaS Business’ as part of the New Software Economy. (€100 a pop) These workshops will be held in Cork (Dec 1st), Galway (Dec 2nd) and Dublin (Dec 3rd) and have a limit of 20 places per venue. The workshop will provide insights from key thought leaders on the important topics at the forefront of the New Software Economy.

If I dream it … will you come and build it?

Monday, November 23rd, 2009

There are a few apps I’d love to see built so I could go off and then use them. Two of these are Facebook related.

Facebook + Google Ad system application
Facebook have opened their ad system API and already two applications are being built so agencies and companies can manage multiple accounts and campaigns. Google’s Adplanner tool is a great way of finding out rough demographics on sites but a system that allows you to target inside and outside of Facebook will be much better. If an Irish company builds an app that allows me to plan an online ad campaign that uses both Google Ads and Facebook then I’ll use it and if I like it will recommend it to the greater world (and clients). Course just a Facebook Ad planning app would be handy too.

Facebook Pages Visual Editor
Facebook Pages are obviously big these days and one good potential for them is you can add customised tabs to your Page and make them the default landing page for them. See a tonne of examples here. I want a tool that I can use and clients too that allows visual editing and creating of these custom boxes instead of having to train people in FBML. This really feels like the days of Geocities and their basic web editor.

Emacs at Google Developer Day 2009
Photo owned by Sphinx The Geek (cc)

And now FourSquare has an API

Tuesday, November 17th, 2009

FourSquare has an API out. Never knew there already existed a WordPress Foursquare plugin. This FourSquare API is going to make things a whole lot more fun. As Drew points out, it was the API that helped grow Twitter and do all sorts of weird and weirder things (and business productive things!) and with all things Internetty now, the network you are connected to is/are more intelligent and creative than you.

Still referencing Drew, I like his suggestion about unlocking bonus/points discounts if you try something different on the menu. Game theory like I mentioned in the last FourSquare post. Perhaps too have secret menus for FourSquare. In and Out burger have a secret menu (though not so secret) and mixing rewards with special actions could be a good way of utlising the API.

I’d love to see maps of caffeine flow and see how far people travel for food and what places people travel most too. Lots of fun and also a stalker’s dream.

Bebo make cuts in Irish operation

Monday, November 16th, 2009

The announced layoffs in the UK appear to have also happened in Ireland. Philip from Bebo announced on his Facebook Profile that he is to leave. He was Head Of Sales Ireland/country manager. Generator also mention this on their Twitter and say he finishes November 25th. Big big shame to see Philip go. Bebo really needs people on the ground in Ireland if they are to do business in the country that has the biggest Bebo penetration (per net user) in the world.

Is there an Irish operation after this for Bebo?

Fun with flames, gas and music

Saturday, November 14th, 2009

In celebration of Science Week. via John Biggs is a Rubens Tube.

Using game theory to build a business

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

Foursquare launched in Dublin towards the end of last week. Foursquare is a service that allows you to share what your location is to people you are connected to on the service. Most of it is done via a mobile phone. Smartphone or ordinary phone It has a prepopulated list of businesses for each city they’re in. So far so what. To encourage people to use the service it rewards you with a points system and a leaderboard to see how well you’re doing. The person that checks in to a location the most becomes a Mayor and they can be ousted etc.


A cool enough way to build a network and they’re already tieing in with businesses. Encouraging them to reward frequent users etc. They are also trialing hyper localised advertising which is going to be where the money is in the next few years, thus Google’s purchase of Admob yesterday for 750Million. Right now they seem to use data from Yelp but maybe we’ll see them tie in with a local provider like hmm perhaps?


One of the founders Dennis built Dodgeball a few years back and sold it to Google and was quite blunt at the crap way Google treated them after acquisition. Looks like this is everything Google could have done with Dodgeball. I’ve only been on it a few days but I love it. Right now it appears that there’s just around 100 people in Dublin using this. Tiny numbers but watch how it grows.

Maybe I should have done this as a top ten post and riddled it with keywords for traffic? Ah well.

Google Dashboard

Sunday, November 8th, 2009

Only noticed Google Dashboard now, interesting way of showing you if you depend on Google a lot. Some of my stats:


Contacts 3522 entries

Owned by me 146 documents
Shared with me 14 documents
Opened by me 112 documents
Trashed 3 documents

Inbox 93 conversations
All mail 51716 conversations
Sent mail 13921 conversations
Saved drafts 77 conversations
Chat history 600 conversations
Spam 54 conversations
Trash 262 conversations

The scary one though is Google Web History but I stopped it years back. (Twice actually, it restarted without permission)

The Eastwest Hotel Geneva - Switzerland - 01/11/2009 - 3nights/4days - Wonderful & different - Inspiration & the lake - One of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World! Full of art, euro-asian design and perfect ambience of romance and happiness! Elan pure! S
Photo owned by We-Present: Travel-UggBoy-The-Photographer! (cc)

EU says: Net not Fundamental right, Three Strikes Law is kinda still happening

Thursday, November 5th, 2009

via here and here.

Some horsetrading last night saw this text on file sharing and the three strikes rule. It means you can still get disconnected but it’ll be a little harder. Web is still not fundamental right so Finland stays well ahead of Europe so far but the EU is on the path to make it a right. Once ratified states will have about 18 months to knock this out.

measures regarding end-users access to or use of services and applications through electronic communications networks liable to restrict those fundamental rights or freedoms may only be imposed if they are appropriate, proportionate and necessary within a democracy society and their implementation shall be subject to adequate procedural safeguards in conformity with the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms … including effective judicial protection and due process …may only be taken with due respect for the principle of presumption of innocence and right to privacy