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Just Meebo, myself and I – Meebo wishlist

Saturday, December 24th, 2005

Bow down and worship Meebo. It’s a great AJAXian application. Nice secure access to your various Instant Messaging applications, all via a browser. Very very handy if you have firewalls in work or school or college. All your IM clients open in one browser window.

But I want more from Meebo now. It isn’t enough anymore. I’d like to see the ability to browse some sites inside Meebo. Like that mini-browser extension for firefox (I couldn’t find the link to it, can someone send it to me?) which allows you to have a mini-browser inside a webpage, I think it would be sweet to click a link in an IM window in Meebo and have the option for it to be loaded in another IM window. If I recall all communications between my browser and Meebo are encrypted? The idea is Meebo serves me the webpages that it downloads for me, so if I have a nannystate firewall I circumvent it with Meebo.

This however could mean that the nannywalls would then block the Meebo site but perhaps there might be ways to come to an agreement with some companies. If the content does not pass through the company servers unencrypted then they might be more relaxed.

Essentially I’d like for meebo to be a VPN via the browser, imagine as well as IM, meebo connected to my home pc and allowed me to access my harddrive. “Feck” says he “I left that word doc at home.” “Why not Meebo it” says his work colleague. “Ah yeah”.

If we can have Linux in a screensaver, why not have VNC and VPN using Meebo?

Tis the season for domain renewals – GoDaddy just made a packet from me

Saturday, December 24th, 2005

Just renewed a good few domains and realised I have some domains I should really use or just kill off. – Evolved from an old college project where we had to build a jerk simple e-commerce site using javascript and other mundane web 0.9 technology. The lecturer seemed a right humourless git who I felt might take offense easily so I created an e-commerce site for selling human organs. It was witty enough. Later on I moved the content on to this domain. The site is dead now and will remain like that until I decide what to do with it. – Registered around the time of David Norris brought out his failed Civil Partnership “Bill”. Perhaps with the latest McDowell belches about Civil Partnerships, a discussion forum could be put together to talk about this. – Registered when I believed the hype and thought I could make money fulltime from building websites. Mainly used now just to accept mail from domain registrars. Will probably kill it off soon. – Registered for Fixer when he wanted to build a Cork listings style directory. Expires some time in 2006. Still a few possibilities for this domain. – A piss-take domain again. After seeing the site which was apparently owned by the Royal Tit-Watching (Ornithological) Society of Britain, I regged and stuck a picture of a rooster on the front page. I guess if I had any design abilities I could have sold some t-shirts off it. Maybe the BitSniff people could help out and we can split profits? 🙂 – More a dig at the PeoplesRepublicOfCork forum. Again I wanted T-Shirts that were to the casual observer the same as the PROC T-shirts, apart from one letter in one word. Dunno what to do with this. – Well I finally did something with this. – As a result of working on surveys for IrelandOffline I thought there was a definite need for something out there targeted to the Irish market. Mainly there were tonnes of surveys I wanted to do without having to pay a fortune for them. Since I’m quite thick when it comes to the technology aspect of these things I’m just waiting on someone to come along and do this for me. I’ll happily share the revenue for anything made off this!

Keeping Track of my link trail – Thanks BoingBoing

Friday, December 9th, 2005

Thanks to BoingBoing I have found what I was looking for. How’d I get here is a firefox extension telling you how you got to the page you have open, even if you opened it into a new tab. This is really handy for someone like me who has 130ish feeds in my bloglines and when I see something interesting I open it in a new tab and come back to it later on in the day or week and wonder who to credit for discovering it.

Getting through to a human

Saturday, November 26th, 2005

Found this cheatsheet for IVR systems and was thinking we’d need something like this for Ireland. We must all be sick of the phone menu firewalls preventing us talking to a minimum wage person and going through a maze of options before we can speak to someone who doesn’t want to help us.

A quick Google can even tell you the IVR systems that some companies use. Should be able to guess the default numbers then for getting to the humans and await their fantastic customer service.

Blockquotes and the lazyweb

Saturday, October 29th, 2005

Wouldn’t it be quite handy that if someone on another site linked to your blog post, and had some of it quoted and anyone that follows the link, lands on your site and sees the quote highlighted? Maybe the plugin is out there already? I know WordPress has the Google search keyword referral plugin, but that only looks for keywords in the URI the visitor came from.

I suppose what is needed is a plugin that does a text comparison of the URI the visitor came from and the one on the current webpage. After the first visitor it can tell what was quoted and adjust itself for every new visitor from the linking URI.

An Irish Bloggersphere Bittorrent Tracker?

Saturday, October 22nd, 2005

As I’ve said before the new Video iPod will change it all. Like it did for Podcasting Apple and iTunes will be a massive provider of homemade content. TV as we know it wil cease to be. It’s already started with episodes of Lost available from iTunes at $2 a pop.

With broadband being so pervasive in all but the most backward of countries people will find it easier and easier to put up content on their website and have their friends (from around the world or even friends from just around the corner) download the podcasts or videocasts or whatever they created. If they are a popular blogger or the favourite child in a 1000 strong clan, the 50mb homemade rockgod video they created will soon start to eat up bandwidth on their server and their hosting company could get pissed.

Taking the service Prodigem have where they scan your RSS feed for enclosures and if they find anything create a torrent for it and applying it to the Irish Blog aggregation services, you could have a distributed media library for Irish culture. Homemade videos, live (legal) recordings of concerts, interviews with Irish emigrants, hell you could even have clips from RTE News if given permission.

I wonder could this get an Arts Council grant? To prevent abuse or copyrighted material going on to it, perhaps the content would also need to have a tag accompanying it, otherwise all the fun videos TCaL put on their site would also be distributed.

It would be good though to have a central distribution point of Irish podcasts and videocasts and whatever else is in store for citizen made and distributed media and use Bittorrent to save on server load.

A bloggosphere funded start-up?

Saturday, October 22nd, 2005

Kevin Burton needs cash for his Tailrank idea. Instead of getting in a VC he is selling “Golden Tickets” to access the Tailrank beta in order to buy servers.

So screw the VCs, let the community fund this start-up and let him keep his focus.

Tailrank in Kevin’s words is: “A tool for social discovery of cool news” or “A personalized recommendation engine for the Long Tail where you and your contacts control the ranking!”

I’ve added my 20 bucks to paypal. I’m not really concerned about getting a Beta account but more interested in whether this idea works or not and whether people send in the 20 bucks to get a Beta account or as a way of helping a developer get his idea working without having to get VCs involved.

It might be a worthy idea for the Irish Bloggersphere if all the various bloggers contributed either financially or resource-wise to some project that made our Irish Blogging Community better. As I mentioned before, one of the reasons that there will be an Irish Blog Awards is to further the community spirit we currently have and to keep it strong when the ‘sphere rapidly expands.

So, good luck with this idea Kevin!