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I like lamp

Friday, September 4th, 2009

I blame the alcoholic slushies…

At Nokia World

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009

At Nokia World in Stuttgart (Nokia flew me over and are putting me up, and putting up with me) today and tomorrow. Some really good stuff from their research labs as well as the announcements that are all over the web today too. I like the X6 and the X3 all you can eat music phones. Still trying to get a play off the N900.

Nokia glasses from their research lab

Nokia glasses from their research lab

Anyways, two videos I’ve uploaded and below are of the glasses for navigating a virtual world and the real world. What I like about them is they’re not just displays, you’ll note in the video they track the eyes so if you look left or right or look up and down with your eyes only and not using your head, the landscape and data displayed will change. The screen part of these glasses are pretty thin too meaning they’re not too far off having them in normal sized glasses.

Fluffy Links – Tuesday September 1st 2009

Tuesday, September 1st, 2009

Off to Stuttgart for a few days, don’t break the blogopolis when I’m away.

The Story – a website that lists all declared individual donations to TDs from 1997 to 2008.

Recession: Opportunity Knocks is on September 9th in Dublin. Would love to go but alas I’m in London.

Twenty has a book on the recession. Beats McGinger to the punch.

Eolai is having another painting sale. I grabbed mine!

The Merlin Toy Auction in Aid Of Our Lady’s Hospital Crumlin happens on Tuesday October 13th 2009 at 6.30pm

1st International CIKM Workshop on Topic-Sentiment Analysis for Mass Opinion Measurement (Hong Kong Nov. 6, 2009). Some DCU folks are presenting on: Topic-dependent Sentiment Analysis of Financial Blogs

Ze Frank talks audiences
and creativity.

Via Johnnie Moore, an amazing event (in my view): Communication as a Performing Art – In this remarkable workshop, Danish conductor Peter Hanke offers you the chance to explore the art of communication via the experience of conducting a choir

This is why the Dead Kennedys rock(ed).

Chris Eubank is getting his teeth fixed in a private clinic in Clane listens in to i105107’s daily talk show – enjoys it so much he decides to give i105107 a call to say that he hasn’t laughed as much in ages…

Faith No More/Boo-Ya Tribe – Another Body Murdered

Golden databases

Monday, August 31st, 2009

People keep mentioning Obama’s online campaign to get elected and how all the bells and whistles changed history but if you look at it, it really was nothing more than a well structured database that had great data in it. Obama’s campaign sucked volunteered data in and then used it. What many political campaigns fail to do is either get good initial data or they do nothing after storing it, they let it stagnate. Obama was all about actions and asks once he had the data. Asking for 10 dollars, knowing where you are and asking you to come to a local event etc.

In the good times, there was plenty of money being spent by companies on outside resources: Fixed assets, consultancies, marketing, PR, training and all the rest. Now that’s drying up or has dried up. So many companies that were in the service industries can’t get work now. Many freak out about this but from experience I find that companies need to change slightly and they can get work from the same client, just not the same work. Companies are latching on to what their core products/services are and not altering them or changing them completely. They should. While most companies are being put under extreme pressure to not spend at all, they also know that they need to invest in areas where there is not going to be spend on external resources. So if they take marketing or PR in-house, you can be sure that they’ll want training to make sure they can do the best job. What PR or Marketing firms are giving traiing in 2009? If there is no money to be spent on training areas they normally spent on, you can be sure that they’ll want training on being more cost-efficient. If they no longer buy your physical product, you can be sure they will still invest in other areas.

Strips of gold
Photo owned by LaPrimaDonna (Seeking inspiration) (cc)

And my point? Most companies have massive databases of customer details that are sitting there, gathering dust. Why not work on those databases and poll your customers on how they’re getting on in 2009 and what their most pressing needs are? See can you be of help instead of trying to flog something they just don’t need/can’t afford right now. While your exact service might not be needed, the company under pressure in 2009 might need help elsewhere. Trying to sell sun cream when it rains won’t work but if rain is unusual a lot of people will need umbrellas since they wouldn’t have had them up to this point. Find out the needs and then partner if you can’t directly provide that product. It’s outside of the comfortable parameters of many companies which isn’t such a bad thing.

If you’re just starting out and think you have great product you can team up with a company or organisation that has a golden database. When the goings were good and companies spent everywhere, these databases were bursting. Contact the company and confidently pitch your product in the form of a partnership. There is no greater time to get the attention of a potential partner. Everyone listens in 2009. Remember though that Data Protection Laws apply but more importantly not being a spammer applies. Before you ever contact those in the database with an offfer, understand their needs. Done wrong you lose people in the database and anger them, done right you make existing customers happy and better off.

Nostalgia video:

Fluffy Links – Monday August 31st 2009

Monday, August 31st, 2009

Bring the Beerage. Septemberfest is ready to roll in Dublin.

Irish Blood Transfusion Service sponsors an Irish Horror/Gorefest.

New blog: Captain Shirty.

I do not live in a 7ft high Castle.

50 signed up sof ar but more judges are needed for the Web Awards.

Inbox zero? Getting Things Done? How are you managing your time? Is it just a reactionary workflow? Who’s the boss?

So it’s not just about getting those 15 minutes of fame, but monetizing them says YouTube/Google.

Looking forward to the new Facebook Ad manager.

Great post with examples on how to fix your bounce rate.

Via Thrillpier: Radiohead: “These Are My Twisted Words”

Judge Mental

Sunday, August 30th, 2009

Want to be a Web Awards judge? Apply. No need to sing a song.

Ah Kerry

Sunday, August 30th, 2009

The next big sport from the Kingdom:

Fluffy Links – Friday August 28th 2009

Friday, August 28th, 2009

Happy birthday to the boy.

A few more hours and then nominations close for the Realex Payments Web Awards. Nominate.

On that, quite delighted that all but two sponsorship slots are now filled.

Radio Caroline, the famous pirate station of the North Sea, returns to it’s one-time home, the MV Ross Revenge, for a very special weekend of broadcasting.

Name the table, win the table. This is quite meta.

Blas na hEireann Food Awards are back again.

Recruitment company treating people like shit. A reaction. DIGG it if you wish.

Via Darragh: How Playhouse looked the other night. Was at the launch, this is such a genius idea, love the mix of tech and using the city as a canvas:

Via Nialler, a fairly impressive video:

Actions through words – PR and Marketing peeps helping small business

Friday, August 28th, 2009

All aboard. Brand Ireland suggested the below, I’m game:

the coming together (solidarity) of a range of professionals in the areas of Marketing & PR to offer some free expertise to small businesses or a chosen business in an effort ‘revoluntionise’ their brand and create some buzz for their business. This grouping could act as a full service agency for the chosen brand for an agreed period of time in an effort to bring the business or brand to the next level and then hand back the reins. Obviously to be done in ones own spare time

Anyone else want to chip in? Leave a comment over on their blog.

BaNAMA Republic

Thursday, August 27th, 2009

via The Pin:

Video about NAMA and a call to arms