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The blogger contact template

Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

Spoke about this at the Online PR course on Saturday on what doesn’t work. Heads up to the PR companies out there that are trying to engage with us but are wondering why it is not working. Here’s the template that yourself and your peers are using and it doesn’t work. The implied bits are in ( brackets )

Dear < insert blogger's name >,

Love your < insert blog name > and especially liked < insert recent blog post title >, it was certainly food for thought. I’m contacting you today to let you know about a new campaign we are doing for a client. (50 quid if you can actually spot a difference between this and the same campaign last year) The feedback so far (by the people afraid to be critical of the spend) has been great. I think the readers of your < insert type of blog > blog will get a great kick out of it ( or maybe the fact we have pics of a fat dude in a suit next to a woman dressed like a hooker.) Maybe you’d like to blog it? If you’d like to talk to Brendán who heads the marketing for the Company (you remember that souless corpspeak waffler who made it clear you gave him a rash from just being around?) let me know and I’ll arrange for you to do an interview for your blog. (I hope you’re getting the fact that I have a column to fucking fill in Excel and we got you pissed last year on petrol flavoured alcopops so you owe us)

Hope all is well and keep blogging about < insert that recent blog post title >!

(goodbye smelly blogger)
Cheers dudes,
Droid 1.c

Fluffy Links – Monday January 25th 2010

Monday, January 25th, 2010

Brendan Hughes is moving into a new job in February. Congrats!

And on that, congrats to Gavin Sheridan for his move to the news startup that Mark Little is building.

The top apps in the iTunes store in Ireland are interesting.

Fantastic wine bottle design.

And staying with the Dieline blog, their new book Box Bottle Bag on packaging design is out soon.

A new logo for Firefox?

Detailed post on sorting out your Facebook privacy settings.

Slideshow on bringing a product to market.

Nice vid from Google on doing SEO.

Euan Semple video on innovation.

For the foodies. Book on some amazingly designed restaurants and their locations. Eat Out!

Via I Guess I’m Floating Owen Pallett (Who plays Whelan’s on March 18th)

Complete with a raging rainstorm that scares the tech crew to death but not before Owen screams “Let me finish this song!” whilst avoiding wind and lightning bolts to boot.

Chapter One – Not a review

Friday, January 22nd, 2010

More like a gushing of being bowled over by amazing food combinations. Yesterday I visited Chapter One restaurant for the first time and certainly not the last time. They deserve their Michelin Star. A big warm welcome, a big warm goodbye, genuine interest in making sure we enjoyed every second of the meal. From shaking our hands as we came in, to being asked was it our first time in the place by Martin (one of the owners) and interest in who we were, to telling us how the mousse was made (Soda streams have a home still!) to offering to call us a taxi, the experience was amazing. I thought beforehand which such a great reputation and high profile clientele that it might be intimidating but it was the complete opposite. It felt like we were family.

If you’re a bit obsessed with food as I am you might agree that good food and good surroundings can seriously change your mood for hours and days. We giggled all through the meal last night as it was so good and tickled all parts of our palettes. We were stuffed after all the food too so decided to walk around town for a bit and we were still smiling and laughing and even this morning I was in a damned good move.

And they now have the Chef’s table where you can sit in the kitchen and sample everything at a special table. We got a quick tour last night of it. Birthday, here I come!

Yes, it’s expensive but I have to say in terms of the food I’ve had so far in my life, it was value for money.

Food porn pics from a dodgy iPhone, in real life they looked amazing, never mind that they tasted better again:

Starter was: Duck sausage, fricasse of lentil, egg poached in red wine, horseradish cream

Main was: Rump of wild venison, mushroom pithivier, creamed cabbage, pickled walnuts and raisins, sauce grand veneur

Desert was: Warm chocolate mousse, caramel jelly, espresso mousse, lime ice cream and honeycomb

With the tea came chocolates:

Privacy in this newest digital age

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

The Press Ombudsman and Press Council had an event in Cork last Friday and I was asked to talk for 15 minutes on privacy and blogging though I instead talked about what is happening online and thoughts on privacy.

I talked about Twitter and Facebook pumping out tens of millions bits of data every day and after the recent privacy changes on Facebook, these bits are public. Twitter mostly throws out 25 million 140 character chunks of text each day as well as links to websites and 100s of 1000s if not millions of cameraphone photos. Facebook 10s of millions more. So perhaps 100 Million chunks of data be they links, text or photos are now shared with the web. Once shared, they’ll be found. Google and Facebook already tie directly into Twitter now. Facebook and Bing are tied together and Google has some access to Facebook. Oh and by the way, Facebook and their privacy changes have lots of people up in arms. Facebook were going to be wiped out if they did not react to Twitter and sites like Tumblr who already default to public. A generation has already been won over by this. A generation that will fuel our wages.

Fox masks
Photo owned by panina.anna (cc)

Privacy was about control of you
Victorian era dictating your looks, what you say, how you sound, how you dress and so on. The idea of privacy back then seemed to force people into doing certain things. One was expected to shroud oneself in shroudiness (not a real word). Now we can opt in or opt out on sharing of data. We don’t have to Twitter, upload photos that are public by default. We have granular control in Facebook. We now have amazing control of how we share and to who we share. One definition of privacy is that it is a personal choice/control we ahvea right to.

I previously talked though about not having any privacy in public when I was off Twitter. Despite not being on it, people reported where I was seen, what I was wearing, they talked about when I was doing media interviews or where I checked in for food on Foursquare. Do I have any rights to demand privacy in a public place or a private place that the public can see in to? Not everyone has a legal team like Princess Caroline. If I upload photos of myself on Twitter then do I have the right to complain when someone takes one of me and uploads it?

At the talk was a very good example of what the kids saw as a privacy violation. A friend of theirs died and they left messages to their friend on his/her Bebo page. The messages were quoted in newspapers. The kids felt this was a breach of their privacy. Perhaps the equivalent of talking to your friend and their grave and having the comments printed. So findable text could be seen as private even in a public space? I notice this was done on the Brian Lenihan support Page on Facebook where his under 18 year old son left a thank you message and it was quoted in the media.

How can libel laws exist with a networked world?
So here’s another thing. Libel laws and defamation laws were great in an unconnected world. Word couldn’t spread that far and you could find the source and legally smother it. In a world where everyone is connected, news and lies can spread in the backchannels and there isn’t much you can do. That might have traveled in an unconnected world but it would be slow. Just via email. Facebook mail or private messages on Twitter, we all get to know all the gorey details of the Irish Robinson hoopla, much more than the press were able to print. So while the press here and perhaps even bloggers can be strongly influenced by the libel laws, what about those just copy and pasting 140 characters from one private message to another? We already saw the web getting around an injunction against the Guardian.

Even in public, when you retweet (resend a message from someone to your network) who gets sued for libel? The final person in the pass-me-along, the originator (if you can find them), every person that re-sent it or the people who have the most contacts?

Also, with the whole worry about kids making themselves look stupid and in the future they’ll need jobs and this will damage their chance. Do we forget that these kids are going to be OUR employers?

it@Cork job spec

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

it@cork are currently looking for a marketing exec on a part-time basis.


We are looking for a person with PR and Marketing experience to temporarily fill the role of the Events and Marketing Executive who is covering the Programme Manger’s maternity leave. Experience of organising events would be a distinct advantage. The position is part-time, 3 days a week; the successful candidate would ideally be available from February 1 to July 30 2010.

For an informal discussion of the role contact Alison Reilly, Acting Programme Manager 021 2307076 or send your CV and a cover letter to alison

The role requires:

* Experience in Marketing and PR; event organisation experience would be a distinct advantage.
* Excellent communication and organisational skills with the ability to prioritise a large number of competing tasks whilst working under pressure.
* Excellent computer literacy including Word, Excel and PowerPoint; experience in using a CMS would be an advantage.
* Flexibility around work hours as some events will be run outside of normal work hours.
* Ability to work as part of a team.

Fluffy Links – Tuesday January 19th 2010

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

Top websites in Ireland in December 2009.

Blog Awards 2010 are a go!

Facebook saves Haiti.

But maybe it does?

Here’s how to find old Tweets.

Various award shows plugged including the Web Awards and the Blog Awards.

Running men.

Wu Tang versus The Beatles.

Ricky Gervais at the Golden Globes. Worth watching it all for the Gibson bit.

micachu & the shapes – turn me well

Fluffy Links – Monday January 18th 2010

Monday, January 18th, 2010

New Irish Food Blog – Not Junk Food.

Twinnerparty. It’s a multi-location cooking event where people can log in to via Twitter.

Mick’s Garage are looking for a web designer.

Jonathan Siegel makes a rally cry against the IEDR.

Cork’s own Alan Gleeson gives Online Marketing tips to NMK.

So Rapunzel was actually an anti-abortion story?

Nice TEDx Amsterdam video on connecting The Arts and Communities.

Via Bookslut: Paige Williams spent $2,000 of her own money to produce an article about Dolly Freed for the New York Times. NYT rejected it. So Williams has it on her own site and is asking for donations. It’s a quality piece and deserves attention. One future of journalism?

Radiohead – True Love Waits (the history of this song is fascinating)

Good news for Friday

Monday, January 18th, 2010

Good News Friday is this Friday. Media Express is allowing you free access to their press release system if you send out positive press releases this Friday.

You can sign up now and even compose your release and then time it to go out on Friday. The idea is that Friday’s news then will be full of positive news on the day which is normally the most depressing of the year.

Download a prep pack too. (PDF) Light the scented candles, drink some hippy tea and start putting together nice news!

A Good Old Standby
Photo owned by me’nthedogs (cc)


Sunday, January 17th, 2010

James Yorkston – ‘Woozy With Cider’

Coming up in online marketing thingys…

Friday, January 15th, 2010

Free Online Marketing event in Dublin on Tuesday morning. “Using the Internet for Profit and Political Gain” – X-factor style free business event. Tues, 19 Jan 8.00-9.30am at the Burlington Hotel, Dublin 4.

On Thursday there’s a webinar (no it’s not something durty) on social media from 4pm to 5pm. Being a webinar you can log in from home or the work desk. It’s free, leave it on in the background if needs be.

Online PR training course is on January 23rd. It’s booked out and over capacity but the notes are going to be released after.

Business Blogging in Cork is on Jan 25th. Places still left.

Social Media Unspun is on February 4th. If you want your Irish case study to be included in the talk, let me know.

February 24th is the Digital Festival.