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Fluffy Links – May 21st 2007

Monday, May 21st, 2007

Dublin North medley – We built this city.

Blogorrah delete comments which pointed out they thought Olywn Enright was a bloke. They fix the post and delete the comment. Tut tut.

Via John Breslin BarCamp Belfast -You going?

Krishna mentions a handy new networking group for new startups in Dublin called Link.

Via Lar, Penguins, penguins, penguins!

Rock the Vote is not the golden haired boy. They’re even spamming Twenty. John dislikes them too. Least their sugar-daddy loves them. Long time.

Thinking of you.

Colbert as Colbert and out of character. (Mostly)

Hugh Macleod Business Cards – Every asshole should have one

Sunday, May 20th, 2007

I’ve been bitten by the Macleod bug and have shelled out for a few business cards from Streetcards.

Side A:
Damien Mulley Business Card

Side B:
Damien Mulley Business Card

The reaction has been interesting, some people laugh out loud and pocket the card. Some laugh out loud, pocket the card and then you can see them saying “What a fucking wanker” to themselves. The 3rd kind look at the card and tell me it is not funny and business people should take business seriously yadda yadda yadda. The 4th kind laugh at the card and then tell me I’m an asshole. I can work with these people the best.

Still, whoever I give the card to, there’s always a reaction, unlike when I get cards from most people where it’s a mechanical movement from one wallet to the other without any brain cells being stimulated. That’s the good thing about Hugh’s work, it always fires up those neurons, be it cards, suits or wine.

At least it’s not like the scene from American Psycho:

Edit: Howdy Hughsters!

Bertie Ahern in da club with backing by Enda and Pat

Sunday, May 20th, 2007

Not Exactly Sunday Morning Viewing – The new Rambo Trailer

Sunday, May 20th, 2007

This is seriously violent, so you’ve been warned.

I heard Demolition Man 2, Stop or my Mom Will Shoot 2 amd Judge Dredd 2 are also on the way.

Getting videos off YouTube, editing them and reuploading them – A guide

Saturday, May 19th, 2007

In case you wanted to know how I got that Johnny Brady video off of YouTube and then cut it and reuploaded it, here’s the process:

  1. Use Videodownloader or VideoDL to download it.
  2. Convert it from an FLV (flash video) to AVI using Riva DLV Encoder.
  3. Use Windows Movie Maker to cut out what you want from it.
  4. Upload to YouTube.

1. When saving from the YouTube downloading sites, save the file with the .flv extension, most will want to save them as .html. VLC and a few other players will easily play .flv files but Microsoft Media Player doesn’t like them.

2. Make sure to download the freeware Riva FLV Encoder 2 and not the time crippled Riva Producer. The help files for it are quite unhelpful and it is not obvious you can convert from .flv to something else like avi. This guide here is helpful. The application seems to be a bit precious and has stalled once or twice but it’s free so you’ll have to make do.

3. Windows Movie Maker won’t work on Vista unless your graphics card can work with Aero. If you start Movie Maker and get:

“Windows Movie Maker cannot start because your video card does not support the required level of hardware acceleration or hardware acceleration is not available�

then you need Movie Maker 2.6. Movie Maker 2.6 will work with Vista even without a powerful graphics card. Thank god.

4. YouTube accepts any format really. It does all the converting back to FLV on the server side. Movies need to be under ten minutes long and/or under 100mb in size.

So there ya go

The Fianna Fáil Rally Frenzy

Saturday, May 19th, 2007

Johnny Brady really gets worked up into a frenzy to warm the crowd for Thomas Byrne. Below is my favourite part of the longer video.

This is the original video it came from. Love the diddlyaye music. Love the speeches. So this is what a Fianna Fáil rally is like.

Irish Election in three minutes as per Political Thicko

Friday, May 18th, 2007

Anything you can do, I can do better and at twice the price

Friday, May 18th, 2007

Looks like the world of advertising will become very interesting. Via Techcrunch is news that Microsoft just paid 6 Billion for an advertising company. I wonder if Microsoft hadn’t lost out to Google with Doubleclick, would they have gone for this company?

Fluffy Links – May 18th 2007

Friday, May 18th, 2007

Bubble Brothers have a new blog. Yay.

Don’t be fucking stupid. Mark II.

Ahh election poster vandalism.

Yup, one blog can make Apple lose 4Billion of their valuation in one day.

David Cameron tries out working in other professions to see is he any good. Goes back to politics in the end.

Reboot 9 rough agenda is now online. Tom is talking at it!

Skype will now do games. Skype should have been doing software and digital delivery for the past 2 years. Instead the founders go and make Joost. Morons.

Nice remix of Stars’ “Your Ex-Lover Is Dead” by Final Fantasy.

The cyberwar between Russia and Estonia is still going on.

Win electric picnic tickets. Sold out event. Tickets are like golddust.

On the growing number of party fanboys on Same for many forums I suppose.

Good ole Hitchens on Falwell:

Enda, you are the weakest link. You twat.

Thursday, May 17th, 2007

My god almighty. I never thought Bertie could win a debate on the health system. He did. I never thought Enda would be more protective about Bertie’s “money was just resting in my account” incident than Bertie. He was.

Here’s how you piss off the nation. Talk down to them. Say “Let me tell you why” “Let me tell you how” it stings off “Listen you thick gobbo, this is how it is.” Bertie started off weak and defensive but as Enda missed prime opportunities he gained way more confidence until eventually he was quoting FG figures back to Enda and Enda was in bits.

Trevor “so into saving trees, he writes on his hands” Sargent would have had more impact tonight as the sub for Enda. Had Rabbitte been on this, Bertie would not have had the walkover he just had. I’d be seriously worried for a country with a man like Enda in charge but we still need Fianna Fáil out.