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Fluffy Links – Wednesday July 25th 2007

Wednesday, July 25th, 2007

Great post from Niall Larkin on the arrogance of Google where they seem to think they have a right to scan and index anything digital or convert anything to digital, without permission. Google book search would be an example in my view.

Congrats to Kieran who will now be contributing to the Irish Times.

Is this *really* a Garda snorting coke? Or someone pretending to be a Garda snorting a line of baking powder. See, this is what Blogorrah should be looking into.

Back seat driving on a plane. Safe.

iPod tax for Canada? I’m sure IRMA might push that for here too.

Make yourself into a Simpsons character.

The 4am conspiracy.

I want water towers like these.

Paul Weller & Graham Coxon – This Old Town

Friday Night Lights, just started watching this and it seems promising, meant to be very good drama:

Document those ripoff prices – Conor Pope wants your story

Tuesday, July 24th, 2007

I need your help. We all know that Ireland is an expensive place to go on holidays but I am looking for examples of bad value and bad service for a series that we’re running in The Irish Times throughout August. Actually I am also looking for examples of good value and good service now that I think of it.

Leave a message on the Pricewatch blog.

Where’s Walt(y)?

Tuesday, July 24th, 2007

So it appears that Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher are in town in Dublin for a while this week. Kara was nice enough to link to some posts on the iPhone too. I’ve been asking around on Twitter and via email about who they are here to see and so far no journalists I know were aware of the visit and no tech companies I know were aware either. Odd, no? Anyone know anything about this? They are here on business.

It would be nice if Walt and Kara met some of the new breed of tech startups.

Walt Mossberg where are ya?

Muchos muchos gracias to Mr. T for the image.

Fluffy Links – Tuesday July 24th 2007

Tuesday, July 24th, 2007

Via Timmy Worstall : A fat man tells us not to be fat. He’d be the chief medical officer in the UK. Be nice to see Health Ministers also lead by example.

The blog of author and TV writer Paul Cornell. He wrote that excellent Doctor Who episode The Family of Blood.

Fold a sail boat into a backpack and bring it with you.

The Hunting Monsters blog covers the film “Battle for Algiers”. Good movie. Brutal events and ruthless characters in it.

BT in the UK is considering fibre to the curb.

Metafilter covers Bill O’Reilly’s war on Daily Kos and how he harassed JetBlue so much they withdrew as sponsors for the DailyKos convention and apologised. Some are crying foul but Kos was the site that waged war on Joe Lieberman and got an inferior ticket on the democratic ticket instead of Joe. Joe still won as an independent though. Right back atcha time for Kos?

Why let the Thriller vids end? Another:

Then there’s Bad:

Oh shag off – Mobile phone registry

Tuesday, July 24th, 2007

(I have serious business people reading this blog so I’m turning my back on saying “fuck off” in blog posts.) *

First they tried to do it with 3G phones as part of the DCMNR. Fell through. Then they were worried about terrorists I think. Now it is scumbags in prisons who are using these phones. Nevermind the wardens who helped them sneak the phones in. As well as budgies and flatscreen TVs. Ever get the feeling there is a company out there that is just waiting to run this “registry” that is a friend of someone? Noooo, that could never happen. The Civil Service always want to put as little trust in the people as they can, just in case one day they rise up and demand a reduced place in Government for them. Now they want to issue licences to use mobiles? If you’re against the idea then you are against freedom or for terrorism, drug dealing, fearinducingissueofthedayforDailyStartReaders etc. That’s what the new Minister for not dealing with drug issues in any real way says. What would the Minister do to deal with FF councillors snorting coke and it being on YouTube? I’d ban YouTube for glorifying drugs/politcs.

TJ has some good things to say about the latest act of stupidity and even quotes an official Govt email which says the idea is too difficult to police. Daithí makes sense too. Fergus too. Update: Adam too. Antoin freisin.

Reminds me of Yes, Minister or maybe the latest clone of it: The Thick of It:

This is definitely a : Minister says “I need a new iniative. I need a spectacular like Micheál’s smoking ban or Noel’s plastic bag tax, what have you got on file lads?” “Er, cracking down on dole scammers?” “No, nobody is unemployed any more” “Oh I know, a registry …”

Here’s an old gem:

* Actually Twenty already used the blog post title I wanted.

Newspapers > Media Groups

Monday, July 23rd, 2007

Jeff Jarvis points out that the Guardian are going to stream the TV series “The Wire”. More here on the Media Guardian site (use for a pass). Jarvis points out it was the Guardian who did the Ricky Gervais podcasts too which generated a nice few quid for everyone when they went a pay-to-listen model. I think the Guardian more than most are getting the idea that they are a media org not just a newspaper and as people want podcasts and videos, they should cater to that. The New York times does that a little with their YouTube channel with original content such as David Pogue and the iPhone musical number.

Over here, the Irish Times are apparently doing video though it’s shite. I’d expect over time that they might actually get their own little mini studio for things like this besides outsourcing. The Independent and the Examiner will also have to get into more media forms. I have a feeling the Indo will do this soon but again, not using in-house people. The Examiner will come along to the party eventually. The Irish Times has recently invested in which is a good enough site but very yesterday in what it does. They also sought to look into buying the Irish interests of EMap which include TodayFM and Dublin 104FM. It’d be a shame if they didn’t leverage the fantastic talent they have in there to do podcasts and videos, though I suppose that might actually mean paying them money for all their extra work. I’ve heard from some sources that the current Irish Times bloggers are doing it out of a love for writing and receive sfa from their employer to do it.

It’d be very interesting to see whether a media company that owns both print and radio assets would cross-link them and whether that’d be allowed. Everything is going from dead trees to electrons and it makes sense for an organisation to feed the new appetites of those that exclusively read online. I’m almost one of them.

I haven’t mentioned RTE yet. Best til last? If RTE don’t change their gameplan soon they could be a runner-up to lots more websites. They need to stop streaming their video using the godawful and much hated Realplayer and allow people to embed clips on blogs and websites. Just stick it all up on Youtube for goodness sake. Perhaps they’ll use the online medium to launch their mooted 24hr news channel? Would make sense I suppose. Like the Irish Times there’s some fantastic talent in that organisation and a lot of waste too. It would be nice actually to see their current affairs sections expand massively online. I’d listen to Morning Ireland, all morning and evening. They’ve butchered 5-7 live so much now that I rarely tune in. Morning Ireland especially is jam packed and a lot of the reports could probably be left in their original expanded form online. It’d be great to hear more interviews online.

Or perhaps with the Denis O’Brien acquisition of the Irish Emap stations, shows like the Last Word on TodayFM might expand their coverage too and do a little video segment which will have longer interviews of guests?

So will we see and I think we will but I wonder will Setanta have beaten them to the punch? They seem quite progressive. Meanwhile here’s some nice stats on online video advertising, the past, present and future of it. Gold in them dar hills.

Fluffy Links – Monday July 23rd 2007

Monday, July 23rd, 2007

Check out Dick O’Brien’s cycling blog.

Ultraviolet, the brit vampire series (nothing to do with shitty movie) is only €10.49 online. Recommend getting it. Brilliant show.

Harass Brian into making his HTTP bargain search idea into a Firefox Extension.

BP have had more eco-friendly petrol stations designed. Gnatt on the arse of an elephant really.

Staying on that theme. Paris buys 22,000 bikes for its citizens to use for as little as a euro a day.

Via some random visitor to my blog is this: Harry Potter is thinly-veiled homosexual propaganda. Between that and Star Wars, I’m shocked.

Iron and Wine cover “No Surprises”:

We’ve seen the 1500 Phillipino prisoners doing Thriller right?

I think I like the Bollywood version more:

Off to Wicklow. Back Monday night.

Sunday, July 22nd, 2007

Don’t break anything while I’m gone to this. Posting is on auto-pilot.

Fly me to the moon – Evangelion redone

Sunday, July 22nd, 2007

Via Elderly Gamer:

Rebuild of Evangelion is an announced Tetralogy of animated films in the anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion. The first three movies will be an alternate retelling of the TV series (including new scenes, settings, backgrounds, characters), and the fourth movie will be a completely new conclusion to the story.

Rebuild schedule thus far:
EVA:1.0 (2007)
EVA:2.0 (2008)
EVA:3.0&FINAL (no release date)

Hmmm. Not at all sure of this.

Sorry about the Lotto thing

Saturday, July 21st, 2007

No winner cos I forgot to do it. Won’t happen again.