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Squeeze that nerd brain like a sponge

Monday, October 29th, 2007

I seem to be telling people more and more to subscribe to Irish bloggers who talk tech and business to see what new things they’re playing with. There’s a small core of people in this country who always do the donkey work of looking at new technologies or products and testing them til they break or annoy or are realised to be a load of dross. It’s good to have these people.

Of late we’ve seen people using Twitter and Jaiku, but before that it was Podcasting and Blogging. They’re the people who install Linux operating systems, beta versions of Microsoft Service Packs, try out video blogging services like Seesmic or download very alpha software like Prism from Mozilla. Something new and shiny comes out and these folks are trying it out. I’m not one of these people really. I’m a little more conservative and I use people like Tom Raftery, James Corbett, Bernie Goldbach, Alexia Golez, Pat Phelan, Elly Parker, Conor O’Neill and so many others to try things out first and then I’ll wade in.

Via Jeremiah comes a definition from Ross Mayfield – Blogalyst:

What’s a Blogalyst? Part blogger, part analyst and part catalyst.

Maybe that’s what these folks are, it’s a nicer explanation then what I think: They wade through all the shite so we don’t have to.

So if you want to get the Zeitgeist of tech in Ireland from a consumer perspective, people like the above are good people to subscribe to or even contact and ask for opinion. This doesn’t mean spamming, mind. And they’re all way ahead of the trends too as they know how to use predictive text too.

3 releases a Skype phone – Free Skype to Skype calls and messaging

Monday, October 29th, 2007

Well there we go. are going to be launching their 3 Skypephone before Christmas.

Blurb from the press release:

3 customers using the 3 Skypephone will be able to make Skype calls and send instant messages on the move with the push of a button. This is the first time an operator has offered a mass market device which is tailor-made for free calling over the internet from a mobile. Now, all of Skype’s 246 million registered can be reached for free with the 3 Skypephone. Skype to Skype calls will always be free from your 3 Skypephone as long as you are on contract or your PAYG 3 credit is topped up monthly.

Maybe not for me as I don’t use Skype a lot but this could be really handy for those that use Skype a lot and now want to move away from their computer and outside of the house. I note James already posted about this.

With 3G, a 2-megapixel camera, mp3 player, mobile TV and internet. Comes in black or white, with blue or pink trim. 3 Skypephone also includes:

* Fully integrated Skype functionality with contacts, call logs and presence.
* Access to Java and 3D games and two preloaded games
* 2.0 Megapixel camera
* Internet browsing
* Bluetooth
* Weight: 86g
* Size: 100 x 44 x 13.6mm
* Battery Standby: 320 Hours
* Battery Talk Time: 270 Minutes
* Battery Video Talk Time: 170 Minutes
* Screen Size: 2.0” QCIF (176 x 220)
* Colour: 262K
* External Memory: expandable to 1GB microSD

Fluffy Links – Monday October 29th 2007

Monday, October 29th, 2007

Piaras gives a summary of what’s on during Science week as does Conor from a Cork perspective.

Alexia talks about how easy it is to influence our buying decisions in the new hyper-connected social world.

Pat points out a dual sim touchscreen phone is on the way and costs less than 100 euros. Nice.

No to Google’s streetview mapping vans.

Sigur Ros’ new movie Heima is showing in the IFI, I so want to go.

The new way to spot gay men.

Via Ewan McIntosh – A school that does regular videocasts.

So this youngfella makes his own Apple iTouch ad. Apple or someone close to it see it and love it. So they’re using it now as an official ad. Here it is (quality seems to be iffy):

Sceptical: 22.5k Irish people join Facebook in the past week? 17.1% growth in a week? (Multiples of 20)

Sunday, October 28th, 2007

Just checked Facebook. It now says: You are targeting about 154,180 people in Ireland.

That’s an increase of 22520 in 7 days. 22520/131,600 * 100 = 17.1% growth

Every area has seen increased growth. The stats from last week are here. I’ll check the stats again this week but if true, these stats are just crazy. There is no way 40 Google Ireland employees joined or 40 existing employees decided to add their employers details and 280 Microsoft employees joined.

What’s with all these multiples of 40 and 20? Is there some odd maths going on here?

You are targeting about 43,600 men in Ireland.
You are targeting about 60,560 women in Ireland.

137,260 people between 18 and 35 years old in Ireland.
62,980 people between 18 and 25 years old in Ireland.
84,800 people between 25 and 35 years old in Ireland.
8,320 people between 18 and 19 years old in Ireland.

About 1,440 people in Ireland who work at Microsoft. +280
About 360 people in Ireland who work at Google. +40
About 160 people in Ireland who work at IBM. +40
About 180 people in Ireland who work at Accenture. +40
About 120 people in Ireland who work at eBay. +40

About 9,960 people in Ireland who are in college. +1620
About 480 people in Ireland who are at University College Cork +80
About 2,800 people in Ireland who are at Trinity College Dublin
About 1,520 people in Ireland who are at UCD Ireland
About 780 people in Ireland who are at NUI Galway
About 200 people in Ireland who are at DIT Ireland.

Some recent marketing bits that I liked

Saturday, October 27th, 2007

If you’re not familiar with the Hype Machine it’s this excellent site that searches all the mp3/music blogs out there and will create playlists for you on content you want, and using their player, you can play all these mp3s scattered across loads of websites. For their new design and functionality upgrade, they said they’d launch it to the public, only if there were 10,000 people logged on to this page at the same time. (Page now redirects to main page)The buzz was already building with many influential bloggers having private tested the new design and so 100s of bloggers started encouraging everyone to log on to that page, spreading the word far and wide about Hypemachine. Great idea. And cheap.

For those that don’t know Uncov, it’s this bitchy, nasty, fabulously catty website that takes shots at the Tech world. Think Techcrunch with more arrogance and a billion times more cynicism. Hard to get advertisers on a site that takes no bullshit from anyone right? Well Opera did a very clever thing with Uncov, they ran a competition on it which encouraged the readers of the supernitpicking site to find bugs in Opera, the winner getting access to the Opera launch party. It’s a nice way of leveraging your product with what others would consider a hostile market.

BT2 are doing some kind of dealy with Phantom and maybe other stations too. They’re hosting songs from new Irish bands, you submit your stuff to them and they’ll stick them up on their website. Shame their website is utterly unusable. Cute idea with jigsaws but it’s almost impossible to find the sections to the site without having to move your bloody mouse over the whole page in order to find the hidden links to the various parts of the site. But hey, designs that irritate are good, right? It’s nice to associate your hipster brand with some of the really good emerging music talent in Ireland. You get love from your existing clientele and some love from the bands and their devoted followers too. A good way of reaching the people you want to market to.

Any clever bits of marketing you saw recently? And Not the cadbury’s Gorilla.

Remember that wine thing from ages back? First reviews now in for the Alaia 2004

Saturday, October 27th, 2007

This was the offer. Well, both reviews for the first wine, the Spanish Alaia 2004 are now in. This is the one from Deborah on the Alaia and then there’s the Alaia review from Michele.

Alaia 2004

I’ll nudge Mark to start sending out more wines for review now.

Exclusive: now home to even more “young adult” whingebags

Friday, October 26th, 2007, you know the site that makes The Phoenix magazine look like the Irish Times, has paused giving up on breaking false rumours and innuendo (never wrong for long you know!) and instead has gone gung-ho against the Government, Gay Byrne, the Road Safety authority and anyone that would in any way look sideways at people in their Honda Civics with L plates. Yup, if you’re one of those who will now rightfully be supervised until you get off your ass and do your driving test, then go to right now. Yes, it’s a lot like Bebo. LOLZ wtf lolocopterz. txt spk.

Has a learner driver anything to do with running this PramToyEjection campaign we wonder?

Anyway I could write more on the sheer stupidity and idiocy of the arguments from people obviously too lazy to learn to pass the driving test but Elly has summed it up succintly for me. Get off the fucking roads if you don’t like the rules, little ones. Less people will die as a result. While you might be happy ploughing your prams, sorry cars, into walls and trucks and other cars, please don’t do it while taking out innocent people on the roads and footpaths of this country. If it takes someone else in the car to tell you sensible things like “don’t overtake on this dangerous bend” then so be it. Sit the fucking test and less of the crap about waiting lists. It’s a fatarsed lie.

According to the press statement, 6,000 people have visted the site over this issue and one of the polls, not the one asking Gay Byrne to resign (9 votes!), not the should we burn down mosques one, probably this one: Should the Government give more time before putting 100,000 drivers off the road?, the press release said 72 percent voted against the implementation of the new RSA measures, I guess that would be this poll where a whopping 139 people visited. 68% is what it stands at now.

Want to join my Facebook Group? Dear L drivers, shut the fuck up and take the damned test

Oh looky, a sensationalist headline and post. I’m reminded of what exactly…

Update: Dear learners.

and more events – Wireless Conference November 13th

Friday, October 26th, 2007

Ireland’s third Wireless Conference – IMI Conference Centre, Dublin, 13th November 2007.

Conference Theme 2007:
‘Mobile Broadband, Mobile Content – The next wave’


Guy Johnston, CEO – European Telecommunications Management

Speakers include:

John Strand, CEO, (Strand Consult)
Jan Hoffman, Mobile Manager, (TV2 Denmark)
Eamon Hession, CEO, (Puca)
Emer Conlon, IT Project Manager – (RTE)
Fran Rooney, Chairman, (ICE Broadband)
Mark White, CEO, (Nowcasting)
Richard Rodger, CTO, (FeedHenry)
Colm Piercy, CEO, (Digiweb)
Colm Healy, CEO, (Xiam)

Conference programme available –

Registration: Contact Niamh Collins or +353 (0)1 7008506

Date: Tuesday 13th November 2007
Venue: IMI Conference Centre, Clonard, Sandyford, Dublin 16.
Cost: 300euro pp

Fluffy Links – Friday October 27th 2007

Friday, October 26th, 2007

Donal now lives here.

You remember that short film from Ireland called “Underworld”? Download it now for free or watch it online for free.

Where do you hide yours?

Google block ads on websites that report on Google.

Oh no, oh my.

This is how you get all your data out of Facebook without being someone who plays with APIs. What you need now is something to extract all the data and then write over the old data and THEN delete your account. People give out Facebook but at least you can get data out, I still think it should be a section under the Data Protection laws for all providers to have to provide that.

Get a Dell laptop for 300 quid ex vat.

Ahh Uncov. Ahhh bitterness.

Labour Youth are having a conference this weekend. They’ll probably once again celebrate Che Guevara but ignore his murder campaigns, while taking swipes at Sinn Féin being terrorists and they’ll probably also wear their ban Coca Cola t-shirts as they are wearing here. Free Lenin caps or Lennon caps too (bless them, so many icons to crotchrub against) at the door and I hear there’ll be lots of special helpers on the day to train people on how to grow scruffy beards, how to give oneself a double-barreled name or use the Irish version of it. I’m not a member but I do enjoy the Che Guevara was a murderer and your t-shirt is not cool facebook group. 14k members so far.

Upcoming interesting tech/marketing events in Ireland

Thursday, October 25th, 2007
  • Mashup Camp Dublin. November 10th. Seriously, get to it. Also, if you have a blog and readers of the nerdy/tech variety can you let them know about it too? It’s not everyday we get people of this calibre mixing together and it would be great to see Mashup camp come back on a regular basis.
  • On November 1st Digiweb are holding a free seminar called ‘Making Websites Work’ which is part of their Online Edge Seminar Programme. At the Digital Hub, Dublin. All you have to do is go to and register your attendance. Registration closes at 6PM Tuesday 30th October. Laurence Veale, Eoghan McCabe and Richard Hearne will be the speakers this time round. They’ve a lot to live up to since I was fantastic at the last talk. I’m sure they might get near that high bar. You can do it guys!
  • On Tuesday, October 30th 2007 The “possibilities for a post Web 2.0 world” will be explored iby Mike Culver, Web Services Evangelist with Amazon.

    The presentation will provide an overview of Amazon Web Services, the company’s distinct technology arm, which allows developers to build software applications leveraging the same robust, scalable, and reliable technology that supports Amazon’s retail business; there will also be a code demonstration showing how .NET developers can easily build managed clients for these services.

    This takes place in the swanky Westin Hotel, Westmoreland Street, Dublin 2 with registration from 7.00 pm. If you wish to book a place, please contact Cormac Moore, Verkom, on (01) 432 1501 or email cmoore [ at ]

  • IDMA’s Digital Marketing Seminar on 15th November – Raising the Bar in Digital Marketing
    8:30am – 12:00pm
    Thursday 15th November
    Mont Clare Hotel, Merrion Square

    Tom Bazeley (CEO, Lean Mean Fighting Machine)
    Jay Stevens (VP Operations,
    Jonathan Forrest (Managing Director, Cybercom)
    Shenda Loghnane (Managing Director, ICAN)

    Tickets are only €75 for IDMA members / €100 for non-members – available from info [ at ]